No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is if you are playing a solo game; you will always lose out to a Team

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DevOps is a shared approach of performing tasks wherein the program development teams are integrated with Operations, Quality Assurance, and Security functions facilitating the teams to take full ownership of the service offering. DevOps is built on a set of shared cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. It not only improves a business’s ability to develop and deliver its software applications and service at a fast pace but also helps to break the silos between different business functions creating an environment for innovation. This speeds up organizational ability to function and to better serve their customers.

DevOps also enables

Transitioning to the DevOps model needs a high degree of change in business culture and mindset while removing barriers between traditional and siloed teams especially the development and operations functional teams. The transition also requires:

Sasaran has experienced team and deep expertise in continuous integration and continuous delivery processes (CI/CD processes). We worked with start-ups as well fortune 500 companies to implement DevOps practices and enable them to improve their productivity, service delivery speed, and customer satisfaction. Our projects have helped them break silos between functions and create a work environment seeding innovation and making them ready for future business opportunities; thereby lifting the business on multiple levels.

at Sasaran Technologies

The Process That We follow

Integrated Platform to Build faster Applications

Sasaran DevOps Services

We enable seamless integration of all key DevOps functions and processes by automating manual tasks while giving complete visibility of application/ service release pipelines, and related data of the DevOps cycle. Our implemented projects have improved software quality and productivity, enabled predictability and reliability, helped faster releases, improved compliance and governance while reducing overall costs.

DevOps Consulting Services

We partner with our customers to map their business expectations with their current software development cycle, available IT resources, and IT infrastructure to identify IT capabilities and constraints. Based on the mapping we collaborate with the team to prepare a strategic plan along with a detailed DevOps implementation roadmap that is in tune with the business expectations.

DevOps Management

We work with our customers to improve their application development lifecycle. Our DevOps management services leverage connected and automated development tools that help faster testing and deployment of applications at any stage of their lifecycle. We apply the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach and containerization of app modules for setting up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. We help our customers to introduce automation of application testing and monitoring while identifying risks and challenges to develop their solutions.

implementation roadmap that is in tune with the business expectations.

DevOps Managed Services

Our team of expert application developers, programmers, quality assurance, and security experts act as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide integrated and end-to-end DevOps Managed Services to enterprises wanting to accelerate their DevOps transformation journey. Our services help to centrally manage software and application delivery of organizations, speeding their delivery times while optimizing overall costs.

Offshore Development Services

Sasaran can be your offshore team of integrated experts offering software development services at optimal costs or help you set up an offshore development center by recruiting and training requisite talent together with setting up of suitable campus and infrastructure. With Sasaran you can focus on innovation and your service offerings while all development, operational, and compliance requirements can be provided by us.

DevOps Cloud Platform

DevOps and Cloud are complementary necessities to simplify, scale, and speed up the application development processes. It not only removes latency in hardware investments but also enables seamless collaboration. 


Our partnership with cloud service providers and deep expertise in cloud migration enables you to simultaneously understand and implement DevOps processes and help adopt cloud around DevOps.


Our DevOps and cloud service offerings can enable your application development in near real-time and within an elastic and efficient environment, thereby gaining a competitive advantage.

DevOps Automation Services

We enable automation of infrastructure by providing Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) facilitating interaction with infrastructure programmatically and at scale, instead of manually setting it up. Our services also help you to automate, build, and release for Continuous Integration (CI) to occur. Your team can also speed up the process of application development by building on top of our reusable library, tested infrastructure code encompassing multiple languages such as Go, Python, Bash, etc. that has proven in the production of our projects across industries.

Tracking and Monitoring

We facilitate continuous improvement of your application and software service offerings by 24×7 monitoring, capturing, categorizing, and analyzing metric data and logs of how your application and infrastructure impacts the user experience. This helps to understand how application updates impact users enabling you to identify problems and design changes.

Training And Upskilling

Our services cover creating a collaborative work culture and DevOps processes that can be the bond to seamlessly integrate your development and operation teams. We provide training and continuous upskilling of your staff for DevOps platforms, tools, and processes to enable them to identify collaboration opportunities and right-sized solutions to optimize your DevOps processes.

to Sasaran

Why Outsource

  • Global Reach, Flexible Mindset

    Sasaran delivers world-class expertise with the flexibility to enable seamless transformation while maintaining data security and personal involvement from senior management of Sasaran.

  • Global and Multi-Disciplinary Expert Advice

    It enables our clients to decide what works best for their business and what is to be implemented to make it future-ready. It is our commitment to empowering your business through the most effective DevOps platform to spur collaboration, innovation, efficiency, and cost optimization.

  • Client For Life Approach

    Sasaran multi-year client relationship is a testament to the faith reposed by our clients on our ability to continuously deliver value to them and be a trusted partner in their digital journey.