A bot , also known as Internet bot, is a program that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Typically intended to perform simple and repetitive tasks, Internet bots are scripts and programs that enables their user to do things quickly and on a scale. For example, search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu use crawler bots to periodically collect information from hundreds of millions of domains and index it into their result pages.Being amongst the leading chatbot development service providers, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers and streamline interactions. We provide our customers with a full cycle of chatbot`s development leading to the chatbot`s success.

Why Choose Sasaran for Chatbot Development Services ?

We provide highly-sophisticated and intelligent chatbot development services that can be implemented into distinct business domains such as e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services, or healthcare. Our competent team of bot developers build AI chatbots aimed at revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers, provide automated customer support, and interactive experiences through the chatbot platform. Powered with Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Machine Leaservices orrning technologies, we offer innovative chatbot development solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Microsoft, Slack, and the likes. Whether you are looking to build smart bots, conversation bots, IVR bots, online chatbots, text bots, or messaging bots, we provide differentiated chatbot development services exactly tailored to meet your business needs.

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Benefits of using AI-based chatbot development

Supported Chatbot Channels

Sasaran offers top-notch chatbot development solutions for multiple channels like

Interact & Engage Customers To Support Futuristic Growth

Considering your specific business necessities, our bot development team deploys highly customized and specific-functionality equipped bots for the distinct business contexts and diverse industry verticals.

Facebook Messenger Bot Development

Our bot development experts are proficient to build Facebook Chatbots to increase your business outreach by enabling firms to reach millions of active Facebook users. Contemplating your operational navigation and customer support requirement, we develop an automated messaging solution whether to generate leads, serve personalized support to your customers or to enhance your production rate.

Whatsapp Bot Development

Putting our hard efforts and years of industry proficiency, we help businesses to smoothly acquire targeted user base or customers, ensure worthy business interaction and more through our Whatsapp bot development. Our hard-core team deploys an automated conversation for your business just to seamlessly and effectively deal with your customers to drive as innovative as you anticipate from your business.

Slack Chatbot Development

Slack bot development services are designed to configure a secure and streamlined conversation within your internal as well as external team across the globe. We develop enterprise-specific slack bot to ensure smoother team engagement, sharing a variety of file formats, and to assign & execute a multitude of useful tasks defining your business objectives or set goals.

Telegram Chatbot Development

Our experts have impeccable command over Telegram Chatbot development. We enable robust and instant messaging functionality to interact and engage your customers directly using Telegram bot. As per your defined customized business strategies, we can customize and develop your Chatbot accordingly to support your ongoing as well as futuristic marketing campaigns.

Digital Chatbot and VAC Development For Supporting Customers

The human-computer interaction is taking shape rapidly with the simulation of human-like dialogues by the chat robots who goes way beyond giving merely answers but also excel in automating actions. Much of its growing adoption can also be attributed to advancements in AI technology. A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with users in a specific domain with the help of natural language. This cutting edge technology runs round the clock to enable excellent customer service, address customer issues, and drive business. Chatbots and virtual assistant chatbots are highly interactive and essential for providing an engaging experience that can be customized as per business needs. With this smart technology, one can drive the business even in odd hours. We specialize in developing intelligent chatbots and VAC that aids business issues with their communication tasks and enable them to establish a personalized conversation with their clients. The businesses can obtain rich data to understand client behavior and provide uninterrupted services to their users.

Customer Support Chatbot

These chatbots leverage deep learning and NLP technology to perform multiple tasks that are aimed to save business resources and improve customer satisfaction. They are useful across almost all industries as they enable the user to walk through the business processes and answer a huge range of FAQs.

Skills Chatbot

Skills Chatbot possesses speech recognition capabilities powered by NLP to perform various actions and tasks. These chatbots have the ability to infuse new knowledge and convert them into the appropriate format to improvise themselves.

Voice Assistant Chatbot

Assistant bots are very similar to support bots; however, they ensure high user engagement and assists with various business processes. These bots can be customized as per the regional audience and configured to understand the localized conversations.

Transactional Bots

Transactional bots act on behalf of humans in performing various transactions like placing orders, making reservations, etc. They can be customized to assist the user with high productivity by interacting with the external system effortlessly.

Informational Chatbots

Transactional bots help in collecting and distributing the information and are essential in education, corporate training, digital marketing, and research-based firms.