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Unlock the power of the cloud with Oracle Cloud Services

With increased scalability, agility, and compliance, you can rest assured that your data is secure and your operations are running smoothly.

Transform your ITOps model today with Oracle Cloud Services!

Recently, Oracle Cloud has gained prominence, posing a challenge to the dominant trio of AWS, Azure, and GCP. Its expertise in delivering cloud-based infrastructure combined with PaaS, skillfully serving hybrid and diverse ecosystems, has contributed to Oracle Cloud’s increased market appeal. Furthermore, companies can effortlessly integrate Oracle’s renowned suite of enterprise applications (ERP, Autonomous Database Management, Oracle Packaged Applications) to address comprehensive IT operations.

Sasaran, the top application-centric cloud managed services provider globally, is collaborating with Oracle to simplify enterprise migration, modernization, and management processes on OCI, from infrastructure to application login layer.

Top Reasons to Embrace Sasaran’s - Oracle Cloud Experience

Highly Optimized performance

Infrastructure to Applications, a full stack transformation suite

Embedded Security by Design

End-to-end Managed Operations for Heterogeneous Environments

Cost Optimized Cloud Experience

Agile Application Development and Management

Key Oracle Cloud Accelerators

Unlock the power of Oracle Cloud Services and take control of your business. Experience the freedom of a cloud-based ITOps model today!

Explore Sasaran’s Award Winning Proprietary Self-Healing Operations Platform

Sasaran is a low-code platform that unifies various ecosystems (platforms, clouds, infrastructure, tools, applications, workloads), incorporating automatic remediation and self-healing capabilities essential for delivering comprehensive cloud migration, modernization, and managed services to businesses with minimal human intervention, up to the application logic layer. This involves multiple technology stacks, cloud, and on-premises environments, including actions on networks and compute components owned by various business units or teams.

  • Automated, Factory-approach to Cloud Migration, Modernization, and Managed Services
  • Proactive discovery of problems, preventing issues before they occurred
  • 50% Outage reduction with 30% productivity improvements
  • Automate response to real-time
  • Consistent Delivery and Service Level Optimization
  • Reduce or eliminate mean time to repair

4 Functions that make it magic


Predictive & Proactive

Utilizing clustering and regression models, SHOP can foresee potential anomalies that may cause system outages, ensuring they are addressed promptly before they even happen.


SHOP also serves as a comprehensive infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution, providing a 360-degree view of all pertinent data for early warning signs and potential issues.

Contextual Awareness

SHOP gathers all contextual information during an anomaly, presenting relevant root cause scenarios for well-informed and comprehensive responses.

Restorative & Self-Governing

Our proprietary machine-learning engine guarantees the most appropriate restorative action tailored to the problem and the system.
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S/4 HANA is SAP’s next-generation business suite built on the advanced in-memory computing platform SAP HANA. It offers real-time data processing, simplified data models, and enhanced user experience compared to traditional SAP ERP systems, enabling businesses to run more efficiently and make better decisions.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive, subscription-based offering that provides businesses with the tools, services, and support needed to transform their operations and adopt intelligent enterprise solutions, such as S/4 HANA, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

RISE with SAP helps businesses in their digital transformation journey by offering a tailored roadmap, expert guidance, and a flexible subscription model, enabling them to adopt the latest SAP technologies and with minimal disruption to their operations.

Oracle solutions can benefit your business by providing robust, scalable, and secure database management systems, cloud infrastructure services, and enterprise applications that help streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive innovation.

Key benefits of implementing S/4 HANA include faster data processing, real-time analytics, a simplified IT landscape, improved user experience, and increased agility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data and information using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps. It helps users better understand complex data sets, identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions more quickly and effectively.

AI services and models refer to pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and machine learning algorithms that can be easily integrated into applications and systems to enable advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, image recognition, and predictive analytics.

AI services and models can benefit your business by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing customer experiences, providing personalized recommendations, and uncovering valuable insights from data, ultimately driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.