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The e-Procurement Portal is a significant development that provides a centralized platform for all Central Government organizations to publish their procurement-related information. With this portal, interested parties can easily access all Tender Enquiries, Corrigendum and Award of Contract details.

The portal has been designed to serve as a one-stop shop for procurement-related information across all central government organizations. Its user-friendly interface ensures that information is easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Platform Features

Unique Identity

Contractors must register their (Contractor ID) on the e-procurement portal to submit bids for tenders. Once enrolled, contractors can participate in any department tenders.

Nearby Accessibility

The e-procurement system allows Contractors/bidders to submit proposals from a location closest to their residence. If you are not yet proficient in e-procurement, it is advisable to find a user-friendly tool that simplifies the entire process.

Comprehensive Platform

Utilizing multiple tools to create a complex ecosystem may result in losing crucial information, leading to miscommunication and contract mismanagement.

Supplier Management

Establishing a supplier portal or inviting vendors to collaborate on the project within your system interface will empower your suppliers and create a communication channel that keeps both parties informed about the progress.

Universal Search

Conduct searches across all Tenders/Corrigendum resources - Location, Organization, Classification, Archive, Status Cancelled/Retendered from a single search box.

Automation Functionality

Your e-procurement software should enable you to set up automated workflows. Automation not only saves valuable time but also reduces the likelihood of human error and expedites the procurement process.

E-Procurement Tools

E-Procurement tools are digital solutions that streamline and automate the procurement process, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving supplier collaboration. They facilitate tasks such as supplier management, purchasing, and contract administration.



SAP for central procurement provides role-based and permission-based visibility across an organization's ERP landscape. Lead buyers can access contracts, requisitions, orders, status, and spending throughout the company.


With Coupa e-Procurement, employees can effortlessly request the goods and services required for their work, such as completing web forms for detailed requests and browsing supplier catalogs. The system automatically determines the approval workflow based on the rules you define.


Oracle Procurement is a self-service requisitioning application that regulates employee purchasing. It is an essential component of Oracle Advanced Procurement, the integrated suite significantly reducing supply chain management costs.


Basware delivers the most sophisticated and user-friendly procurement solution for organizations seeking to automate their procurement processes. This enables increased user adoption, improved spend management, reduced processing costs, and enhanced supplier collaboration.

Our Objective

The primary goals of e-Procurement are extensive, providing a variety of advantages for an organization's daily operations and supply chain activities. Below, we outline the key goals of e-Procurement for businesses:

Automates procedures to allocate resources efficiently and minimize errors.

Enhances communication among stakeholders and partners to optimize the procurement process.

Delivers real-time updates for vendors, management, stakeholders, and partners.

Facilitates streamlined negotiation among multiple partners and stakeholders.

e-Procurement Portal Benefits

Businesses of any size, industry, or age can reap significant benefits from the powerful capabilities of e-procurement portals, including:


Financial Savings

Digital transactions result in cost savings due to reduced labor expenses and fully automated processes. Over time, these per-transaction savings accumulate, leading to substantial financial gains for a company.

Efficient Workflow

Utilizing a single, automated platform for key procurement steps eliminates unnecessary administrative and manual tasks, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors. It allows teams to save time and concentrate on more complex or high-value tasks.

Integration With External Supply Chains And ERP

Real-time information can be exchanged between ERP or finance systems and supply chains, improving supplier data and transaction visibility.

Reduced Lead Times

Overall, e-procurement offers simplicity and transparency for businesses. Automated processes enable orders to be processed and fulfilled more rapidly, ensuring companies receive what they need more quickly.
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