Agricultural Market App

Get the best price for your crops with the Agricultural Market App

Get the Best Price for Your Crops Easily

The mobile application will be developed to keep farmers abreast with the crop prices and discourage them to carry-out out distress sales. Farmers can get information related to the prices of crops in markets within 50km of their device location using the mobile App.

This App automatically captures the location of the farmers using mobile GPS and fetches the market prices of crops that fall within the range of 50km. The prices of Agri commodities are sourced from the government portal.

Farmer App Highlights


The App informs farmers about upcoming weather conditions, such as rainy or sunny days, helping them take precautionary measures to protect their crops.

GPS Tracking

The App's GPS tracking feature displays the entire field on a map, enabling farmers to identify and navigate to specific locations as needed quickly.

Disease Consultation and Treatment

Farmers can seek expert advice regarding crop diseases through the App. They can receive tailored treatment recommendations for specific infections by conducting video calls with agricultural specialists.


The App allows users to maintain a crop schedule, benefiting farmers and other stakeholders by providing timely reminders for tasks based on the timetable.

Agricultural Goods Listing

The App can serve as a marketplace for agricultural products, including pesticides, seeds, and equipment, and provide current local market prices.

Drone Integration

Utilizing drones in agricultural fields offers numerous advantages, such as monitoring the entire field and assisting with tasks like watering plants where needed.

Agricultural App Benefits


Better Land Usage

Agriculture apps help farmers divide their land into polygons to investigate them separately and pin the areas requiring extra attention and work. Besides this, farmers can also quickly locate their specialty crops and pesticide applicators.

Transmission of Information

Agriculture apps help quickly disseminate weather news, government policies, schemes, programs, etc.

Soil Monitoring

Agriculture apps enable the better management of crops and enhance planning for the planting and harvest season.

Crop Protection

The Internet of Things technology uses a data-driven approach and enables farm managers with modern techniques to keep a detailed check on their crops.

Our Vision

With a strong visionary energy and a firm conviction, the focus is on improving the lives of farmers by harnessing the power of science and technology. This approach aims to develop superior-quality agricultural products that boost productivity and contribute to the overall well-being of the farming community.

By embracing innovation and cutting-edge techniques, the goal is to create a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector that benefits both farmers and consumers alike.

How it Works


Registration & Sync-up

Registered farmers get notified regarding important meetings. They get trained on planting, irrigation, and horticulture by agri officers/ specialists..

Seedling Management

Select the crops, quantity, month, week, date, etc., enter the required seedling details, and submit.

Inspection Management

Farmer requests for field inspection. Staff visits the field to examine the crop or any related issues if the farmer has them.

Harvest Management

If the product or crops are ready, field staff collect the harvested crops, enter them, and submit them to the warehouse.
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