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Deep Learning

Train your systems to learn from large datasets

Deep Learning Services For Robust Systems

Systems that self-update

Sasaran Technologies offers highly customizable and dynamic deep learning solutions for businesses from diverse industrial backgrounds to assist with processes like logistics management, finance management, employee incentives systems and much more. In addition, these systems are capable of updating their performance using the feedback received from the large set of data inputs that they receive from the users.

Deep Learning Systems

Sasaran Technologies cutting edge deep learning systems helps you manage and analyse large datasets to derive insightful conclusions that will catalyse the growth of your business. Deep learning technology is an advanced AI technology which helps in domains that involve large datasets. Deep learning market is projected to reach USD 415 Billion by 2030, globally.


Data Gathering and Training

Harnessing technology to integrate data streams for better analysis

Data Labeling

Segragating data on the basis of matching characteristics

Data Parsing

Make data more manageable to get actionable results

Choosing and Training Models

Creating neural networks to make your system capable of working with complex datasets

Image Recognition

Our image recognition solutions help you with analyzing visual data to recognize people, objects or attributes in a dataset. Image recognition can be used for the following processes

Video Analytics

Our video analytics services allow users to identify and tag different bodies in a video or motion picture. Video analytics is used for a wide range of tasks, including

Speech Recognition

We offer systems embedded with algorithms for acoustic and language modeling, to help you with speech recognition for a wide range of functions which can make several tasks easier for the users. We provide solutions that assist with

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a technology that helps machines understand human language and inputs and offer appropriate solutions that provide a superior user experience. We offer the following natural language processing applications:

Why Choose Us?

We, at Sasaran Technologies, are committed to creating cutting-edge deep learning solutions to assist your business by improving operational efficiency through creating better data management systems for a wide range of tasks. With the assistance of deep learning, your system will be able to gather, decipher and analyze data in the form of images and spoken language and transform challenges into opportunities for your business.
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S/4 HANA is SAP’s next-generation business suite built on the advanced in-memory computing platform SAP HANA. It offers real-time data processing, simplified data models, and enhanced user experience compared to traditional SAP ERP systems, enabling businesses to run more efficiently and make better decisions.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive, subscription-based offering that provides businesses with the tools, services, and support needed to transform their operations and adopt intelligent enterprise solutions, such as S/4 HANA, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

RISE with SAP helps businesses in their digital transformation journey by offering a tailored roadmap, expert guidance, and a flexible subscription model, enabling them to adopt the latest SAP technologies and with minimal disruption to their operations.

Oracle solutions can benefit your business by providing robust, scalable, and secure database management systems, cloud infrastructure services, and enterprise applications that help streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive innovation.

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data and information using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps. It helps users better understand complex data sets, identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions more quickly and effectively.

Key benefits of implementing S/4 HANA include faster data processing, real-time analytics, a simplified IT landscape, improved user experience, and increased agility to adapt to changing business requirements.

AI services and models refer to pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and machine learning algorithms that can be easily integrated into applications and systems to enable advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, image recognition, and predictive analytics.

AI services and models can benefit your business by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing customer experiences, providing personalized recommendations, and uncovering valuable insights from data, ultimately driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.