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CREDO- Learning Management System

The ingenious platform is designed to serve genius minds, helping you unlock your own potential.

Unlock Your Genius With CREDO-LMS

Credo, a modern platform that upholds educational values, is entering the international market to bring lofty and admirable learning management system ethics. Meticulously developed features and modules, this system pledges to reach for excellence and customer contentment. It intends to reduce complications and augment values, which forms the basis of Credo.

Foreseeing the upcoming trend in remote learning, Credo offers a variety of options to help make numerous dreams come true.

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Mobile App for Principal/Management

The Principal/Management Mobile App provides access to student and teacher reports, enables management of teacher attendance, allows viewing of staff activities such as lesson plans, and displays individual and group-based exam marks.

Mobile app for parents

The Parent Mobile App keeps parents informed about their child's daily activities, allows them to view assessment reports, assignments, and circulars, and helps them monitor their child's performance and attendance while receiving teacher notifications.

Mobile App for Students

The Student Mobile App offers access to classwork, homework, activities, and projects anytime and anywhere, along with notifications for self-study options. Students can also view their individual exam marks and receive instant scores.

Mobile App for Teachers

The Teacher Mobile App enables teachers to assign lessons to individuals or groups, monitor and control student activities, interact with selected students or the entire class, track student attendance and performance, and conduct online exams.

Mobile App for Admin

The Admin Mobile App allows users to add teachers and subjects, approve student registrations, track student attendance and performance, organize online exams, and generate user certificates.


The Online Exam feature includes a variety of question types, secure exams with instant grading, and provides exam rank lists and reports. The content maintains a professional and informative tone, clearly outlining the features of each mobile app for different users.

CREDO Features

These features cater to different users, such as students, teachers, administrators, and parents, providing tailored solutions for their specific needs.


Course Planner

Course Planner is a platform that provides unlimited course creation and authoring via multimedia. It is easy to add and manage instructors, learners, subjects and classes, with the content being in various formats like audio, video, and PDF.

Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Class allows educators to teach a large group of students with the help of video recording, the ability to attach files, and white board and chat options.

Lesson Composer

The Lesson Composer feature allows users to easily create their own audio and video lessons, as well as integrate third-party materials into the best-in-class content management system.

Online Exam

Online Exam offers a variety of question types and secure exams, with results being graded instantly. There is also a rank list and reports available.

Industries We Serve

CREDO LMS believes that every organization can and should strive to be a learning organization. We provide bespoke and adjustable services to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Whether you are in the corporate realm searching for instructional training or higher education looking to offer a more secure platform for students, we can help.


Our services are beneficial for the following sectors:

Education Sector

Workplace Learning



Retail & Hospitality

Training Companies

Business Services


Get Everything on the Same Page with CREDO

Our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform will help you get complete buy-in from everyone in your organization.

Keep learners on track

Organize courses into categories for convenient navigation. Establish thorough paths for learning and set rules for completing them.

Eliminate complexity

Simplify user enrollment with bulk imports and self-registration options. Place users into groups to give them automatic access to appropriate courses.

Design tailored roles and permissions

Specify roles and privileges for each user to ensure they have the right access.
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