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Computer Vision Service

Empower your systems to monitor, recognize, segregate, and analyze audio-visual data to ease your business processes.

Boost Your Business Efficiency With Real-Time Data Obtained From Images And Videos

Sasaran Technologies offers you some of the best applications by integrating computer visions serviced with other technologies like CCTV, ERP, POS and diagnostic software to analyze complex data sets to offer a range of solutions like offering possible treatment by detecting an illness via image recognition, or apprehend a hazard by detecting a fatal flaw in the production line. With Computer Vision Services, a wide range of possibilities opens up to create IoT-based solutions for users that quickly solve real-life problems. Furthermore, these systems can also be linked to cloud services and machine learning operations to develop dynamic strategies that can update themselves with the help of user feedback.

Our expert developers have created computer vision apps using advanced features like image recognition, voice recognition, voice-to-text converters, pattern recognition, facial detection, and so on. We can assist you in creating similar prototypes with minimal resources at an optimized cost.

Here Are Some Of The Business Applications Of Computer Vision Services

Smart Medical Diagnostics

Radiologists and Pathologists need diagnostic resources that offer high-quality imaging with accurate anomaly detection at an affordable price. Computer Vision can become a doctor's assistant by accurately detecting underlying illnesses by analyzing medical images like MRI, Ultrasound and X-Rays. These solutions help with

Faster and accurate diagnosis

Automate microscopy

Generate computerized blood, urine and biopsy reports

AI-enabled Drones

Drones equipped with artificial intelligence and computer vision technology can improve security and location tracking.   Machine learning algorithms teach drones to analyze and diagnose data in real time. There are several applications for computer vision in AI-powered drones like 

Drone surveillance

Smart agriculture

Drone-based survey

Industrial Applications Of Computer Vision

Cameras installed at different angles in a production line can detect faulty components and glitches in real time to avoid hazards and losses.  Computer Vision has the capacity to offer unmatched accuracy, minimal defects in manufacturing, and a consistently high-quality product line that optimizes your business expenditure. With Computer vision systems installed in the production line, you get 

Optimal output delivery

A hazard-free workplace.

OCR that functions in real-time

Predictive machine maintenance and repair.

Geospatial Mapping

Urban modelling, navigation systems, climate change monitoring, etc., all benefit significantly from data collected by UAVs, satellites, and other aerial sensors. Its data-processing speed considerably exceeds that of any human being. CV automates visual data analysis by employing several categorization techniques for object detection and segmentation methods.  Our CV-enabled geospatial applications offer

The ability to comprehend changing environments

Data analysis at multiple levels of time, space, and modality

Scalable, high-resolution, three-dimensional scene reconstruction

Object identification, segmentation, and classification on a semantic, instance, and object level

High-tech Leak Detection

The most efficient utilization of remote assets is achieved through constant monitoring and maintenance. For example, pipelines at water treatment facilities, oil refineries, and chemical manufacturing facilities might spring leaks due to wear and tear, corrosion, human error, faulty welding, and other causes. Leak detection can be achieved with constant monitoring of flow rate, pressure, and temperature with the assistance of Computer Vision models.

Nondestructive testing and inspection

Predictive alerts for repair and maintenance

Distinguishes hazardous and non-hazardous spills

Identify causes of effusion and implement safeguards

Our Machine Learning Solutions

Face detection

Services based on facial recognition can improve the user experience beyond safety, for example, identifying a person in a photo or video and verifying their identity using only their facial features. We use many representations of human faces to enhance the accuracy of our AI-trained models to provide superior face detection service.

Detecting text using a camera

Data can be converted by OCR services into text that machines can edit automatically. It's the best way to extract information from scanned documents or images containing handwriting or printed text. With OCR, you can be sure that your data will be converted quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Identifying Emotions

Customers' opinions and sentiments towards your brand can be represented graphically with textual data gleaned from a wide range of sources, such as social media comments, online customer reviews, drone footage, mass media coverage, and business data, using a sentiment analysis model.

Processing images

You can power your computer vision apps with enormous data sets by labelling photos to take control of your training data. Image processing and analysis techniques such as bounding box, polygon, polyline, and key point annotation are supported by our image processing services to be used to classify, detect, and identify images.

Analytics for Videos

Intelligent video analysis enables precise search, intuitive alerting, and thorough reporting by detecting and extracting items in video footage through trained AI models for separating objects from humanoid figures and motion detectors.

Anomaly Detection

Locate and learn more about the objects you identified in an image by providing hints about their appearance and position within the frame. Using our object detection service, you can equip your enterprise-level apps with customized models to detect individual items in an image and obtain information about those objects, including their bounding box and label.

Benefits Of Our Computer Vision Services

Reduce time for text analysis by 85%

Increase in organization revenue by 25%

Claim processing time reduced to 17 mins

Document scanning speed increased by 50%

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Why Choose Us?

Sasaran Technologies has extensive experience designing applications that leverage computer vision technology to aid their customers in making better-informed business decisions. When you work with us, you will have access to a team of computer vision specialists who can advise you on anything, from choosing a platform for developing applications to integrating sensors and improving process efficiency through embedding suitable algorithms.


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