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This project aims to digitize and consolidate all activities associated with prison and inmate management within the jail. This software suite will deliver crucial real-time information about prisoners to prison officials and other stakeholders involved in the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, it enables online visit requests and grievance resolution.

The e-Prisons application suite will be a cloud-based product with an intuitive user interface and robust security features. It can be readily adopted by any state prison department with minimal customization efforts, as all potential customization options are parameterized and can be configured by users.

ePrison Platform Highlights

Prison Management

Using the platform, the officials can onboard prisons across the states and centers, including all the facilities, cells, corresponding prison management staff, etc.

Hospital Management

Any medical treatment to the prisoners can be recorded and managed thru this medical module part of the platform.

Prisoner Management

Using the platform, correctional facility officials can enter, update and maintain the inmates/prisoners' information. The data, including case details and information from the court systems, can be retrieved and reported.

Police Intelligence

Using the platform, law and order officials can retrieve real-time information about any prisoner towards investigations or share it across other departments.

Visitor Management

Using the platform, users can maintain the visits and timetable for the visitors to the prison inmates. Online video meeting integration can be built to enable these family-to-inmate visits. These can also be used for grievance-addressing meetings with all parties involved.

Legal Aid

Legal aid can be provided to selected prisoners and collaboration with the court / legal bodies using the platform.

Our Approach

With E-Prison Portal, prison officials can manage their inmates in the most efficient way.


Requirement Analysis

To ensure the success of the project, we involve in an extensive requirements gathering and analysis phase with all the "audience groups" of this program, including prison officers, police, and courts.

Platform Design and Development

The information gathered in the requirements phase will be used for the platform design (using our tech framework). The different user flows across all audience types and modules will be designed and developed.

Pilot Launch

The tech team will work with the client-side contacts to identify a pilot prison(s) to launch as a trial program to iron out all the bugs/ user flow nuances. The learnings will be incorporated into the platforms.

Phased Rollouts

The rollout strategy, timeline, and process will be jointly developed with the appropriate government bodies. Success metrics will be identified, measured as part of the phased rollouts, and optimized for subsequent launches.

ePrison Modules

The ePrison platform is broadly classified into eight modules. It is a complete solution for all the activities in a prison complex. The functional modules/activities for authorized users undertaken so far:

Prisoner Management System (PMS)

Visitors Management System (VMS)

Hospital Management System (HMS)

Prison Management System

Police Intelligence System

Kiosk Infolet

Legal Aid

Enhanced Benefits of the ePrison Platform

Boosted Public Service Efficiency

The ePrison platform significantly improves public service efficiency by entrusting implementation, operation, technical support, delivery, communication, and funding to a skilled private company. This collaboration allows government resources to be utilized more effectively, leading to better overall outcomes for the public sector.

Streamlined Budget Management

Through a public-private partnership (PPP), the ePrison platform enables governments to avoid upfront investments, with costs distributed over the contract's duration. This approach ensures that implementation risks are managed by the private company, allowing for more rigorous budget management and financial stability.

Expanded Economic Development

The ePrison platform's PPP model fosters broader economic development by encouraging substantial investments in the country's infrastructure. By leveraging the private company's technology, expertise, and training resources, the platform supports the growth of a skilled local workforce.
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