Get the most out of your business with GrinDMS

Our powerful distributor management system helps you get the most out of your business. With GrinDMS, you can easily track orders and inventory, streamline processes, and maximize profits.

360-degree real-time primary and secondary sales automation solution

Our all-encompassing software solution provides real-time automation for primary and secondary sales. It effectively manages downstream supply chain activities such as C&A/C&F, stockists, and super-stockists for multi-location sales and distribution businesses. Our web-based distribution management software is designed to provide complete visibility on sales and stock, enabling informed decision-making from anywhere.

Our platform also offers features:

  • E-Catalog,
  • Order Management,
  • Messaging,
  • News and Announcements,
  • Timely Reports,
  • Payment Processing.

Trust us to provide a professional solution for all your sales automation needs.

The Ultimate Tool for Handling Sales & Distributor Associations

Order Management

The Order Management system efficiently handles both past and present orders. Resellers can easily add, modify or cancel orders with the distributor being kept in the loop.

Control Price & Margin

The system allows for easy price and margin control with multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, groups, and product categories. Multi-format and multi-company invoicing is also made easy.

Add New Resellers

It allows distributors to add new resellers and monitor their activities to study customer demand and offer the necessary support with Scheme Management.

Reports And BI Dashboard

This functionality will allow for thorough assessment and the instigation of corrective measures in real time. The head office will be able to access both general and in-depth reports.

Scheme Management

The head office can create schemes customized by the distributors for the sales team and resellers based on their performance.

Performance Tracker

Performance tracking reports of SKUs, resellers, distributors, and sales teams will be accessible, facilitating real-time assessment and promptly implementing corrective measures.

Manage your workforce more effectively to help make your people happier and your business more successful


Improve operational efficiency

With workforce management software, you can quickly distribute schedules to employees, analyze timesheets, and make changes before confirming payment. Employees can also use the Grin DMS mobile app for the most recent updates in workforce management.

Decrease labor costs

Leverage workforce management software to guarantee managers comply with company budget regulations. Set up alerts for labor costs that are above the budget, and resolve them before payment is finalized. Adjust shifts as necessary to stay within budget.

Reduce compliance issues

Ensure your organization abides by today's laws and regulations, even as they adjust. You can easily access up-to-date information related to legislative regulations from both the federal and local levels and internal company policies. This system can be tailored to accommodate even the most intricate of scenarios.

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication ensures that all pertinent information is transmitted to customers without any lost data or miscommunications. Every detail is distributed to every level of the customer's domain. This way, everyone can be updated and informed of important changes and updates.

Make The Right Decisions With GrinDMS

Get the most out of your business operations with GrinDMS!


Our Multi-Location Distribution Management Software provides real-time, end-point-connected information to help you make the right decisions at the right time. Try GrinDMS today and optimize your operations!

Our Successful Goal

Properly direct your network

Administer customers and their operations in an efficient way.

Let the app do the talking

Everything from product to pricing, from ordering to dispatching, can all be done with the app.

Ensure crystal-clear communication

The minutest of details will be made available to all levels of customers. This will prevent any miscommunication or data loss.
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