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Advanced Data Science solutions

We bring you customized solutions that integrate data science tools and techniques with user-friendly technological systems.

Customized Solutions For All Your Data Needs

Our seasoned statisticians, ML/DL specialists, and developers work together to turn massive datasets into actionable insights and valuable tools for business leaders.

Our data-driven strategy focuses on creating a customized solution for each customer based on their unique business demands, data volume and variety, and preferred analytics methods.

Our Data Science Services


When using data science to advance a company's goals, it is crucial to design and optimize data strategies. With our expertise in this area, we can help businesses through every step of the data science implementation process.

Creating Data Science Strategy

Our data scientists assist businesses in developing a strategy for integrating data science into their operations. We also help clients determine which data sources and machine learning/statistical methods will be most helpful in satisfying their business's demands.

Data Science Training

We provide practical data science training to assist our clients in making better data-driven decisions. Get in-depth assistance from our data experts in comprehending data science principles.

Data advisory

Our data professionals aid businessesutilize their crucial data to solve business challenges by applying their in-depth knowledge of the markets to resolve the difficulties that organizations face. As such, we educate them on the significance of data debugging and purification for analytical purposes.

Data Visualization systems

Use our data visualization services to improve the utility of your data. With the help of our real-time dashboard and dynamic reports, our clients can see every facet of their company's activities in real time.

Advances in data science

We have an answer for every data-related problem that businesses face. We create a custom data science process for them, from data training and optimization of the plan to the system design and implementation. Our team assists you at every step.

Computer Vision

At Sasaran Technologies, we create state-of-the-art solutions by integrating computer vision services with ERP, POS, CCTV, and diagnostic software, which assists in identifying production system anomalies, analyzing images of objects or people in social media, or even presenting analysis on video footage to help you in several ways. Our computer vision services include: 

Optical character recognition

Facial recognition

Video analytics

Image processing

Object detection

Tools We Use For Programming: Languages, APIs, And Frameworks


R Programming

R is a programming language widely used for data analysis and statistical programme with a command line interface which can be run on Windows, Linux, and macOS, to name a few of the most popular Operating systems. Furthermore, R is a relatively new programming language that represents state-of-the-art technology.


Scala is an entirely object-oriented high-level programming language that supports multi-paradigmatic programming. Also, Scala code can be easily converted to bytecode to work with the Java Virtual Machine (Java Virtual Machine).


Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics for creating cutting-edge NLP solutions. Its in-built data structures, coupled with its dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it a strong contender for usage in Rapid Application Development.

Spark MLlib

Apache Spark's MLlib is the library for excellent machine learning APIs. Spark's USP is its capacity for highly scalable computation, which is essential for implementing various machine-learning algorithms.
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Offer The Latest Software And Solutions To Our Customers!

S/4 HANA is SAP’s next-generation business suite built on the advanced in-memory computing platform SAP HANA. It offers real-time data processing, simplified data models, and enhanced user experience compared to traditional SAP ERP systems, enabling businesses to run more efficiently and make better decisions.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive, subscription-based offering that provides businesses with the tools, services, and support needed to transform their operations and adopt intelligent enterprise solutions, such as S/4 HANA, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

RISE with SAP helps businesses in their digital transformation journey by offering a tailored roadmap, expert guidance, and a flexible subscription model, enabling them to adopt the latest SAP technologies and with minimal disruption to their operations.

Oracle solutions can benefit your business by providing robust, scalable, and secure database management systems, cloud infrastructure services, and enterprise applications that help streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive innovation.

Data visualization is the graphical representation of data and information using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps. It helps users better understand complex data sets, identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions more quickly and effectively.

Key benefits of implementing S/4 HANA include faster data processing, real-time analytics, a simplified IT landscape, improved user experience, and increased agility to adapt to changing business requirements.

AI services and models refer to pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and machine learning algorithms that can be easily integrated into applications and systems to enable advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, image recognition, and predictive analytics.

AI services and models can benefit your business by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing customer experiences, providing personalized recommendations, and uncovering valuable insights from data, ultimately driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.