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Help Find Missing Children

With the Missing & Found portal, you can help make a difference in the lives of missing children and their families.

Bringing Lost Children Home

The Missing & Found portal will be a citizen-based website to exchange information on missing and found children, and it will be come under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The website is an enabling platform where citizens can report missing children and sightings of their whereabouts without wasting much time.

The ‘Found’ children can also be reported on this web portal. The reporting can be done through text, photographs, videos, and other means of transmitting and uploading information to the site.

Platform Highlights

Children's Resource Directory

The Children's Resource Directory emphasizes data collection at the source and subsequent value enhancements to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information.

Dynamic Matching
& Search

Dynamic Matching & Search automatically pairs data of missing children with found children, allowing citizens to access relevant authority details for each case.

Universal Record Management

Universal Record Management involves the comprehensive documentation of physical attributes, unique identification marks, and deformities to improve matching capabilities.

Customized Master Information System

Customized Master Information System & Reporting incorporates various tailored reports for appropriate monitoring and decision-making by officials.

& Notification

Alerts and notifications deliver automatic updates on missing and found children to their parents, a feature overseen by government departments.

Safety Webinars & Tips

It guides safeguarding children and highlights the crucial steps to take during the initial hours after a child goes missing. Additional resources can be found through links for families and victims.

Our Approach


Requirement Analysis

To guarantee the project's success, we engage in a comprehensive requirement gathering and analysis phase with all the "audience groups" involved in this program, including prison officers, police, and courts. This information will contribute to our 4D approach (Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment).

Platform Design and Development

The data collected during the requirements phase will inform the platform design (utilizing our technology framework). We will design and develop user flows across all audience types and modules. Additionally, all aspects of data capture, storage, and retrieval will be addressed.

Pilot Launch

Our technical team will collaborate with client-side contacts to select a pilot location(s) for a trial program, allowing us to resolve any bugs or user flow issues. The findings will be integrated into the platform, and updated training manuals will be distributed.

Phased Rollouts

In partnership with the relevant government bodies, we will develop a joint rollout strategy, timeline, and process. We will identify and measure success metrics during the phased rollouts and optimize them for future launches.

Our Objective

 Our goal is to develop an easy-to-use portal or app that facilitates the collection of information about missing children. By enhancing the use of technology, we aim to improve the sharing of information on missing children with government bodies and social media platforms. This will create a comprehensive repository of data on missing children, granting access to citizens and agencies who can provide assistance.

We will categorize the reasons behind missing children cases, including kidnapping, abduction, trafficking, illegal adoption, runaway children, and displacement due to natural calamities. This categorization will enable the creation of different tracking mechanisms, increasing the chances of locating these children. Furthermore, we will establish a "lost and found" portal for public use, streamlining the process of reporting and finding missing children.

Succes Story


Swift Child Recovery Assistance

Our missing child tracking platform utilizes advanced technology to locate and recover missing children quickly. Streamlining the search process significantly increases the chances of a successful and timely recovery.

Real-Time Alerts & Updates

Our platform provides real-time alerts and updates to keep parents, law enforcement, and the community informed. This collaborative approach ensures a coordinated effort, maximizing the effectiveness of search and recovery operations.

Secure Data & Privacy Protection

We prioritize the security and privacy of sensitive information on our platform. Robust security measures and strict data access controls ensure that personal information is protected, providing peace of mind for families and law enforcement agencies.
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