SuccessFactors: Human Capital Management

Revolutionize your HR practices with Sasaran; engage your team in increasing efficiency and productivity!

Establish a single source of HR data across operations

Connect the dots within your business by integrating SAP SuccessFactors solutions with other innovative tools. Get ready to unlock a world of streamlined processes, exceptional employee experiences, and invaluable data-driven insights.

Seamlessly connect your workforce, automate your HR operations, and enhance your business success with SAP SuccessFactors.

HXM: The Evolution Of HCM Software

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite is here to unlock individualized experiences and empower employees to unleash their full potential, thanks to state-of-the-art self-service tools that work seamlessly on mobile devices. The future of work is brighter than ever with SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite!

Employee experience management

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite is here to unlock individualized experiences and empower employees to unleash their full potential, thanks to state-of-the-art self-service tools that work seamlessly on mobile devices.

HR analytics and workforce planning

Discover a treasure trove of knowledge about your workforce with data-driven insights. Uncover the latest trends with unparalleled people analytics capabilities, and utilize powerful analysis to develop your strategic workforce planning.

Core HR and payroll

Our cutting-edge global solutions offer seamless integration for core HR, cloud payroll, time tracking, benefits administration, and HR service delivery. Take the first step towards streamlining your business with our robust HR tools.

Sales Performance Management

Look no further than agile solutions designed to cut costly payment errors with automation. And that's not all: build seller trust and motivation along the way.

Talent management

Invest in our comprehensive solutions that address pivotal HR functions, including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation, learning and development, succession planning, and more.

Connect HR across your business

Build, extend, and integrate seamlessly with SAP and third-party applications, all in one centralized platform. Experience the power of innovation with the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Key Features Of SAP SuccessFactors

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of key terms you’ll want to be familiar with. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these terms will help you navigate the world of SuccessFactors like a pro:


Payroll Control Center

Add-on for SAP payroll processing.


Experience management solution acquired by SAP in 2018.


On-premise human capital management solution.

SAP SuccessFactors Admin Center

Application used to perform & support admin tasks, formerly known as OneAdmin.

History Of SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors was founded by Lars Dalgaard in 2001 and quickly became a leader in cloud-based offerings, acquiring five companies within its first decade.


In 2007, the company went public before being acquired by SAP for a whopping $3.4 billion in 2012.


SAP's acquisition was a strategic move to establish its presence in the emerging SaaS market and compete against its rival, Oracle. Shortly after, Oracle made its power move by buying Taleo, a SaaS recruitment and talent management software developer, for $1.9 billion.

Key Features Of SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors provides many advantages for HR departments, including the following:


Thanks to their cloud deployment, SAP SuccessFactors modules offer businesses unparalleled scalability and virtually limitless resources.

Goal maintenance

The revolutionary Performance and Goals module lets employees monitor and nurture their professional and personal objectives in real time.

Streamlined HR

Revolutionize your HR operations with our dynamic cloud-based suite. Our integrated solution offers streamlined and standardized HR processes with payroll, talent management, and analytics modules.

Easy onboarding

SuccessFactors is the ultimate solution to making new employees feel right at home from day one. Not only can your organization provide a digital orientation process, but you can also easily schedule and control training for these new faces.

Recruiting and HR functions

This cutting-edge platform offers comprehensive solutions for end-to-end recruiting capabilities and HR selection processes with streamlined employee profiles, dynamic organizational charts, customizable benefits plans, and advanced time and attendance tracking.

Continuous learning

Our platform provides a comprehensive learning management policy to ensure employees have the tools and resources to succeed.
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