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KYC Compliance Software

Discover the power of KYC compliance software, designed to streamline customer verification while adhering to global compliance standards, opening up a world of seamless and secure business transactions.

Onboard Your Customer Within Seconds

Experience unparalleled security and privacy protection with our cutting-edge KYC solution, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver quick and seamless customer identity verification. Our advanced technology ensures accurate and efficient data analysis, streamlining the onboarding process for your clients. Safeguard your customers’ trust while deterring data breaches, all within a sleek, secure authentication ecosystem.

Furthermore, our user-friendly interface and customizable features allow for seamless integration into your existing systems, enhancing your overall customer experience.

Most Popular KYC Features And Services So Far

KYC software can be an important part of your business, but you need to know the most popular KYC services and features if you’re planning to develop KYC software.

Biometric verification.

A user ID can be generated by a device that reads the unique physical characteristics of the user. This could be anything from fingerprints to DNA profiling. Device sensors read the unique data of a person and eliminate the possibility of access by third parties to user bank accounts.

Social network scanning.

Social media have long evolved from an entertainment tool to a valuable source of information about a person. Transforming them from mere entertainment sources to bountiful wells of personal information. By integrating KYC software, uncover users' online behaviors, interests, and engagements. Detect and deflect potentially concerning activities, streamlining collaborations with confidence.

Online document check.

Experience seamless identity verification through advanced technology that cross-references individual details with comprehensive third-party databases. Watch as uploaded passport, or tax ID photos are meticulously analyzed, confirming the name, age, date of birth, and more to ensure a perfect match with registered accounts from specific regions.

AI-powered AML verified by a human.

The power of artificial intelligence expertly sifts through seemingly endless transactions, pinpointing suspicious activities with finesse. Yet, maintaining the human touch proves invaluable in ensuring minimized false positives and high customer satisfaction. Effortlessly synergize man and machine by allowing AML scanners to lay the groundwork for analysis while your expert human managers make the crucial final verdict on potential fraud.

Document owner verification.

Even if a user has uploaded legal documents to the system, a secure solution to verify the user's identity is by integrating cutting-edge computer vision technology in your ID verification software. Effortlessly match an individual's real-time selfie with their document photo and ensure the validity of their legal documents with utmost confidence.

Electronic digital signature (EDS).

The magic of cryptography as it transforms electronic data into secure, legally-binding signatures. Utilizing private and public keys, Electronic Digital Signatures (EDS) empower your organization by ensuring data integrity, verifying identity, and accelerating both internal processes and external transactions. Embrace EDS to revolutionize document management and expedite your business operations.

Know your customers from day one

Discover a seamless solution to confirm identities, uphold KYC regulations, and safeguard your company’s reputation and profits. Embrace the power of onboarding automation, advanced fraud deterrence, and digital innovation to combat even the most complex financial fraud schemes.

Navigate compliance

Master the ever-changing world of KYC and AML regulations, sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media while maintaining an exceptional user experience and robust conversions. Harness the power of Onfido Studio to create customized workflows tailored to your global users and effortlessly navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape through a single, unified platform.

Prevent fraud

Safeguard your business from the lurking dangers of sophisticated identity fraud, including impersonation and synthetic scams, by harnessing the power of advanced fraud detection, keen insight, and thorough analysis. Our revealing fraud report exposes a staggering 44% increase in identity fraud since 2019, with retail and financial services sectors hit the hardest. Fortify your defenses by establishing robust onboarding processes that halt fraudsters in their tracks and prevent long-lasting repercussions, such as money laundering and financial crimes.

Drive growth and scale

Revolutionize your user onboarding experience by embracing a seamless digital transformation that allows customers to register swiftly and securely without the hassle of visiting a branch as consumer preferences evolve towards heightened security and instantaneous digital solutions. It's time to bid farewell to manual, paper-based processes that keep customers waiting. Enhance customer satisfaction and trust by adopting a robust digital identity verification system encompassing security, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Data Extraction & Assessment

Experience seamless customer identification with our cutting-edge KYC solution that harnesses the power of Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. Effortlessly screen and verify client IDs uploaded through mobile apps or web portals, and bolster your defenses against money laundering by integrating our system with your central database.

Reduce costs

Elevate your business operations by embracing AI-driven automation during onboarding, designed to minimize manual tasks, paperwork, and potential mistakes, while enhancing data precision. Navigating the complexities of digital identity verification is effortlessly managed by our cutting-edge AI technology, meticulously crafted by global experts. With the ability to handle an extensive range of identity documents, expanding into new markets becomes a seamless experience that requires no additional training for your team.

Reporting & Analysis

KYC due diligence now plays a pivotal role in safeguarding integrity assessment. Know Your Customer empowers compliance teams with instant, tailor-made reports from regulatory to internal and external. Experience the magic of real-time, on-demand reporting solutions.

The Future Of KYC

The KYC software development landscape will radically transform in the coming years. Companies will embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to bolster security while tailoring customer experiences to utmost personalization.
Here are some of the trends and technologies to keep an eye on:

Artificial intelligence

Embrace the future of KYC software, where artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize the industry by automating manual tasks and making insightful decisions in complex situations. Experience a world with unbiased assessment, round-the-clock dedication, and unwavering productivity. Leave the days of human errors behind as AI emerges as a constantly evolving and highly reliable replacement in the KYC realm.


Experience seamless and swift data processing with Blockchain-powered KYC. Financial institutions can now effortlessly share customer information on the distributed ledger, allowing unparalleled efficiency and reduced waiting time. Rest assured, and data access remains secure only with the client's consent.

Cloud computing

As we venture into the future, cloud technology will revolutionize the landscape of KYC and AML scanner development. Prepare to witness an era where businesses increasingly embrace cloud-based systems for their efficacy, robust security, and cost-efficiency as they migrate their vital KYC and AML transaction monitoring to soar to new heights in the cloud.

Here's why Sasaran stands out from other solutions:

Kubernetes Architecture

Experience Sasaran's innovative KYC journey, meticulously crafted on cutting-edge Kubernetes Architecture. This design choice ensures exceptional scalability and manageability, effortlessly adapting to both horizontal and vertical scaling requirements.

Support Services

We offer unparalleled support from our devoted team, providing management services for our state-of-the-art KYC application. Our experts are available 24/7 to address any concerns or queries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your business. Additionally, we provide regular updates and improvements to our KYC solution, keeping you ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of identity verification and security.

On-Premises Solution

The seamless integration of Sasaran's innovative solution, tailored for on-premise deployment with our cutting-edge, in-house developed AI components. Eliminate dependencies on third-party services and, if desired, elevate your experience by harnessing the power of our versatile, cloud-based offering.

Improve operational efficiencies

Experience seamless KYC and AML processes with our innovative solution that smartly identifies clients' risk levels and efficiently adapts the required customer diligence measures. Witness the power of intelligent integration with external data sources for a hassle-free client onboarding experience.

Multi-channel Management

Our application architecture manages multiple product channels independently while offering seamless configuration for multi-language and multi-channel queue management.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Discover Sasaran's cutting-edge KYC software, expertly designed to revolutionize your compliance processes through seamless data integration, document management, ownership scrutiny, risk assessment, and AML screening. Experience unparalleled configurability, scalability, and flexibility at your fingertips.
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