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Microsoft Azure Sphere

A powerful IoT suit to create highly-secured, intelligent solutions.

Azure Sphere – For End-To-End IoT Security

As more devices powered by microcontrollers are brought online, organizations worldwide face an escalating threat of digital risks and cyberattacks. Microsoft’s Azure Sphere is here to tackle that challenge head-on with a comprehensive security solution involving hardware, operating system, and cloud service components – securing IoT networks like never before while safeguarding sensitive data from malicious actors at unprecedented levels.

This technology stack addresses IoT security end-to-end at the following three levels:

  • Azure Sphere provides a comprehensive security solution encompassing hardware, software, and cloud levels.
  • This solution proactively protects, detects, and responds to threats.
  • Azure Sphere devices can be used with other platforms, such as AWS or Google Cloud, and the Azure IoT platform services.

Azure Sphere is made of three components that work together to build the most secure IoT ecosystem

Azure Sphere-certified microcontrollers (MCUs)

Introducing a groundbreaking microcontroller class that boasts cutting-edge Microsoft security technology and seamless connectivity. This revolutionary device boasts a powerful combination of real-time and application processors that deliver unparalleled performance.

Azure Sphere OS

With Azure Sphere OS, your IoT devices will enjoy unrivaled security and impressive flexibility, making it the perfect choice for creating a reliable and trustworthy platform. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a highly secure software environment for your devices' operation.

Azure Sphere Security Service

The operating system is designed with a top-notch Linux kernel that not only safeguards your device but also enables safe and secure communication between devices or with the cloud, all while achieving certification.

Get ahead with our revolutionary IoT platform, IoTConnectTM.

Enterprises have a golden chance to unlock valuable insights from the vast amounts of data exploding around us. Our innovative IoT platform, IoTConnectTM, puts data in the palm of your hand – allowing for on-the-go analytics and intelligent device management. We’re Azure Sphere experts, ready and waiting to help you integrate its brilliance into your IoT ecosystem.


Typical task fields

Azure Sphere Microcontroller

• Integrated peripherals. (GPIO and UART)
• Established connection to Azure IoT Hub.
• Connected to existing services.
• Developed device logic in CSerial production and EMS.

Bulk in-factory provisioning

• General Delivery. ("Landed Delivery")
• Mass Devices Performed.
• End-of-Line Testing Conducted.
• In-Circuit Testing Completed.

Create next-generation IoT experiences with Microsoft Azure Sphere

Security is the prime requirement for any IoT project. While implementing a secure IoT solution can be challenging, Azure Sphere delivers essential security properties so that you can innovate confidently.

Securely Connect and Manage Your IoT Devices with Microsoft's Azure Sphere


Azure Sphere Integration

Set up series production with bulk in-factory provisioning, device provisioning services (when using Azure IoT Hub), bulk device claiming and lock-down, and end-of-line and in-circuit testing.

Set Up Series Production

Set up series production with bulk in-factory provisioning, device provisioning services (when using Azure IoT Hub), bulk device claiming and lock-down, and end-of-line and in-circuit testing.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Certified as an Azure IoT Red Carpet Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, able to offer world-class Azure Sphere consultation and services.

Security Consulting

Security consultants are available to help address infrastructure security requirements, keeping assets safe from vulnerabilities.

We ensure the high security of devices in the following ways:

Hardware-Based Root Of Trust

To safeguard against side-channel attacks, we employ hardware with built-in physical countermeasures to maintain the security of devices. Our hardware can support various software functions while ensuring security and safety.

Authentication Certifications

It is advisable to utilize certificates in place of passwords. These certificates are equipped with a distinct identity key, which can be employed for reciprocal authentication while interacting with nearby gadgets.

Small Trusted Computing Base

We aim to reduce the trusted computing base to its minimum size to decrease the chances of being targeted by attackers and establish a safe environment for conducting operations. No information is left out when paraphrasing the original text.

Renewing Security

Renewable security is provided to automatically upgrade a device to a more secure state, ensuring no information is left out. This feature guarantees that the device cannot be downgraded to a known vulnerable state.


To enhance security, we incorporate compartmentalization into our system by setting protective boundaries in the hardware and software layers. This creates extra layers of protection with the assistance of operating system processes or separates virtual machines, leaving no room for security breaches.

Reporting A Failure

Our system for analyzing failures is designed to gather and transmit failure reports without delay automatically. The system then compiles all the relevant information to identify common underlying causes.
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Microsoft Azure Sphere is an end-to-end solution for securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, comprising a microcontroller unit (MCU), a custom Linux-based operating system, and a cloud-based security service. It provides device authentication, automatic updates, and threat detection, ensuring the integrity.

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