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Using dynamic dashboards and reports, for in-depth data analysis with minimal effort.

Get A Birds-Eye View Of Your Company's Performance

The variety of data sources businesses use today, which means each business needs a customized approach. We, at Sasaran Technologies, with the help of Logi Analytics Alliance, create high-end web-based BI and analytical applications that you can seamlessly integrate into your existing business systems and applications.   In addition, we use customized Logi Analytics tools to provide an interactive user interface to help our clients comprehend and engage with their data with the help of custom reports.

Our Logi Analytics Customization Services

Logi Info

Sasaran Technologies can assist you with creating information portals, detailed reports, interactive mobile applications and user-friendly dashboards.

Logi Ad Hoc

We assist businesses in making the most of this self-service app, which facilitates the development, administration, and dissemination of dashboards, reports, and analyses.

Logi vision

We assist businesses in gathering necessary information, conducting in-depth analyses, and developing insightful visualizations with the help of Logi Vision tools.

Logi Predict

To help businesses succeed, we provide them with the resources they need to develop applications with Logi Predict so they can accurately predict outcomes without the assistance of data scientists.

Logi Datahub

Logi Datahub enables you to acquire and cache data from multiple sources for fast analysis without worrying about disrupting the original app data.

Major Benefits Of Logi Analytics

Rapid development

The 'Elemental Design' approach of Logi Analytics facilitates the creation and integration of high-performing APIs, without the need for complex coding.

Connect to multiple data sources

Import data from multiple sources, like web services, spreadsheets, and cloud apps.

Dynamic analysis

You can learn more about your data with the help of interactive visualisations like gauges, charts and heat-maps.

Adjustable bin size

Save money by automating routine business processes like data task and device maintenance.


By centralising protocol adaptation, communication management, and data collection, we can guarantee full confidentiality.

Advanced search engine

The use of interoperable technologies can help reduce the time and money needed for solution upkeep and rollout for the Internet of Things.

Our Technological Infrastructure

We provide robust BI capabilities across a wide range of industry verticals by leveraging the Logi Analytics BI platform and applying our extensive knowledge of industry best practises. To maximise your return on investment, we have assembled a team of seasoned BI experts capable of providing you with cutting-edge Logi Analytics solutions.

Connect Multiple Data Sources

Relational Databases

OLAP Databases


Web Services


Social Media

Cloud Media

Web Development



Custom Themes




Cross-tab reports



Google APIs



Heat maps

Drill-down charts

Models And Languages





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