Lending Solutions

Experience seamless loan management, and transform your operations to unlock unprecedented efficiency!

Revolutionizing Loan Orignination & Disbursement

Elevate your lending operations with Sasaran’s cutting-edge loan processing solutions!

Sasaran’s Lending Solutions offer an unparalleled digital lending experience for banks and financial institutions, enabling them to enhance efficiency, minimize risks, and outpace competitors. By adopting Sasaran, organizations can cut costs and fuel revenue growth while delivering tailored services that cater to the evolving demands of today’s customers.

Key Features Of Loan Origination Software

User Management

This functionality gives organizations full control of users' accounts. The financial institution gets access to user authorization, account setup, and system authentication.

Form Management

You can easily manage the forms submitted by customers and make changes if and when needed. This functionality also enables features like checklists and questions and answers.

Document Repository

The repository feature allows employees to create documents comprising information about clients. Electronic documents can be used for different purposes.

Our LOS Offerings

Loan Origination Software solutions enable financial institutions to make value-based and efficient lending decisions. By leveraging this technology, financial institutions can better manage their risk appetites and the accuracy of loan documents and records.

These solutions help organizations identify potentially profitable business opportunities and reduce the probability of credit delinquency and default risks associated with originating a new loan account. It aids greatly in successfully managing a growing portfolio through improved decision-making, increased accuracy, and lower risk.

Consumer Lending Solutions

  • Retail lending can be stressful, with numerous customer requests to review.
  • Powerful software applications have been developed to streamline and simplify the process.
  • Custom solutions provide comprehensive, up-to-date information for retail banking.
  • Solutions ensure staying ahead of customer demands promptly.
  • Commercial Lending Solutions

  • Technology has revolutionized the commercial lending industry, enabling businesses to leverage data better and increase productivity.
  • Businesses can use tech solutions to offer their clients corporate, infrastructure, or commercial financing.
  • These tools help reduce costs, manage credit risk, expand customer bases, and offer more financing options.
  • Asset Financing & Leasing

  • Automating processes can improve the efficiency and reliability of decision-making for businesses.
  • Solutions offered are tailored to ensure secure leasing or asset financing life cycle management.
  • Origination to completion is streamlined, and risk factors are minimized.
  • Credit risk management process safety and quality is guaranteed.
  • Advantages of Loan Origination Solutions

    Faster Operations

    Deployment of software applications drastically reduces processing time by eliminating repetitive human tasks. Efficient and error-free operations also mean a superior customer experience.

    Process Automation

    Automation is one of the most effective outcomes of digitizing lending operations, and it not only boosts the productivity of an organization but also dramatically reduces operating costs.

    Compliance Management

    A software-driven process is well-organized and documented, and it helps financial institutions monitor transactions to adhere closely to regulatory guidelines.
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    Why Choose Sasaran as Your Tech Partner


    Domain Expertise

    We've achieved unmatched domain expertise with thousands of development, enhancement, and maintenance projects. Our deep understanding of industry verticals enables us to build super-efficient solutions.

    Tech Enthusiasts

    Our team comprises some of the most enthusiastic software developers, graphic designers, and industry experts. We always stay updated with market trends and emerging technologies.

    Impeccable Quality

    Since the very beginning, quality has been pivotal to our development process, be it consulting, design, or development. We're committed to delivering impressive quality to every single client.

    Reputable Support

    The relationship with our clients doesn't end with the project's delivery; we ensure seamless post-deployment tech support. Whether it's an upgrade or troubleshooting, we're always there for you.

    Seamless Communication

    Effective communication is the catalyst in successful transactions between clients and vendors. We prioritize communication in the development process and always earnestly listen to the client.

    Global Standards

    We adhere to top software companies' quality standards and best practices worldwide, and this helps us to maintain a consistent quality for our global clientele.

    Offer The Latest Software And Solutions To Our Customers!

    Lending solutions refer to a range of financial products and services designed to provide businesses with access to credit or loans. These solutions can include term loans, lines of credit, invoice financing, and equipment financing.

    A digital wallet is a virtual platform that securely stores a user’s payment information, such as credit card or bank account details, for online transactions. It simplifies the payment process by allowing users to make purchases or transfer funds with just a few clicks.

    Mobile banking is a digital service that allows customers to access and manage their bank accounts using a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional banking, which requires customers to visit a physical branch or use a desktop computer.

    Yes, digital wallets and mobile banking apps are designed with multiple layers of security to protect users’ sensitive information and transactions. These security measures include data encryption, secure sockets layer (SSL) technology, biometric authentication, and multi-factor authentication.

    A payment gateway is a service that securely processes online transactions between a customer’s digital wallet or payment method and a merchant’s account. It acts as an intermediary, verifying the customer’s payment information.

    Core banking refers to the central system that manages a financial institution’s critical operations, such as account management, loan processing, and transaction processing. It is the backbone of a bank’s infrastructure, enabling it to provide seamless and efficient customer services.

    Many payment gateways are designed to support various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. Additionally, payment gateways can often process transactions in multiple currencies, making it easier for businesses to accept international payments and expand their global reach.

    To choose the right lending solution, businesses should assess their financial needs, goals, and creditworthiness. Factors to consider include the loan amount, repayment terms, interest rates, and collateral requirements. Researching and comparing various lenders, such as banks, credit unions, and alternative lending platforms.