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National Care Portal

The National Care Portal is a comprehensive online platform designed to streamline and enhance the accessibility of healthcare services for citizens across the nation. This innovative portal aims to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that individuals can easily access vital information, schedule appointments, and manage their medical records. By centralizing these services, the National Care Portal not only simplifies the healthcare process but also fosters a more efficient and patient-centric approach to medical care.

In addition to its primary function of connecting patients with healthcare providers, the National Care Portal also serves as a valuable resource for health education and preventative care. The platform offers a wealth of information on various health topics, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Platform Features

Centralized Patient Records

Our platform enables easy access and management of patient information in one centralized location, improving care coordination and reducing the risk of errors.

Telemedicine Integration

Our National Care Portal seamlessly integrates telemedicine capabilities, allowing patients to connect with healthcare professionals remotely. This feature reduces travel time, and increases access to care.

Prescription Management

This platform streamlines prescription management by allowing patients to track and refill prescriptions effortlessly. Healthcare providers can easily monitor medication adherence.

Insurance & Billing

The National Care Portal simplifies insurance claims and billing processes by providing a centralized system for managing patient insurance information and billing details. This feature reduces administrative burdens and increases efficiency.

Appointment Scheduling

The platform simplifies appointment scheduling by allowing patients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with healthcare providers with automated reminders.

Health Resources & Education

Our platform offers a wealth of health resources and educational materials to empower patients with knowledge and support informed decision-making. Accessible information on various health topics, preventive care, and wellness tips.



Improved Patient Care

The National Care Portal centralizes patient information, enabling better care coordination among healthcare providers. This results in improved patient care, reduced errors, and more.

Time & Cost Savings

By streamlining various healthcare processes, our platform reduces administrative burdens and increases efficiency. This leads to significant time and cost savings for both patients and healthcare providers.

Enhanced Communication

Our platform fosters better communication between patients and healthcare providers through secure messaging, appointment reminders, and telemedicine capabilities. This improved communication leads to better patient outcomes.

Data Security & Privacy

The National Care Portal prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive patient information is protected with robust security measures. Our platform complies with industry standards and regulations.

Doctors Experience

To efficiently manage their schedule, doctors require the ability to set their availability, receive consultation requests, and maintain a calendar filled with appointments. To review a patient's medical history and records, doctors can access their profiles, preliminary-filled questionnaires, hospital databases, or other methods.

By having access to complete patient records, doctors can make effective diagnoses and find solutions quickly, thus ensuring the safety and health of the patient and themselves.

Succes Story

How it Works

User Registration:

Download the PC/Mobile application or visit the nearest Centre to register. Create an account with your personal information and insurance details, ensuring a seamless experience when accessing healthcare services.

Patient Records & Medical History

Doctors and patients should have access to patients' medical records through the app. This centralized system allows for easy sharing of information between healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care and better treatment outcomes.

Discover - Doctor or Clinic Management

This feature allows patients to search for doctors and clinics in their vicinity. Filter your search by specialty, location, and availability to find the perfect healthcare provider for your needs.

Appointment & Consulting Management

This function informs patients about a doctor's availability, making it simple to schedule appointments. Receive appointment confirmations, reminders, and notifications about any changes in your schedule, keeping you informed and organized.
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