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The National Digital Library (NDL) aims to empower the Prime Minister Development Programme (PMDP) by serving as a virtual repository of learning resources, offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of various user groups. Learners can quickly and efficiently find resources with filtered and federated searching.

The NDL offers specialized services for different groups, such as examination preparation for school and college students, job aspirants, researchers, and general learners. Designed to support all academic levels, disciplines, popular access devices, and differently-abled learners, the NDL enables users to learn from best practices worldwide and facilitates researchers conducting interlinked exploration from multiple sources.

Platform Benefits

24/7 Availability

Digital libraries offer the significant advantage of constant access to information, allowing users to access resources anytime, provided they have proper network connectivity.


Digital library resources can be used concurrently by numerous institutions and users.


Digital libraries can easily provide links to resources from other digital libraries, facilitating seamless integration and resource sharing.

Library Management Automation

Automating routine library services such as indexing, issuing, tracking, and preservation gradually makes librarians less essential.


Digital libraries have the potential to store significantly more information compared to traditional libraries, which are limited by physical storage space.

No Physical Boundaries

Users of digital libraries do not need to visit the library in person, enabling worldwide access to the same information as long as an internet connection is available.

Platform Features


Modern Interface

User-friendly Web Portal and Mobile App for seamless access.

Universal Search

Search all digital resources - databases, ebooks, journals, and IR from a Single Search Box.

Your Custom Portal

Completely branded and customized interface designed for your institution.

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications give you the power to change how you interact with the users. Use this flexibility to send timely and relevant alerts

Our Vision

The National Digital Library has been a vital source of books and information for over a century, playing a significant role in providing essential access to knowledge. In today's modern era, efforts are being made to expand this physical and online access, ensuring that a wider audience can benefit from the library's vast resources.

Furthermore, the library is transforming into a proactive center of education and opportunity, catering to the diverse needs of all individuals and fostering an environment that promotes learning and growth.

How it Works

User Registration

Download the PC/ Mobile application or visit the nearest Centre to register yourself.


Online Public Access Catalog is an online database of materials kept in the library. It allows the search for an item of our choice in the library.

Acquisition Management

It is the department in the library responsible for the selection and purchase of materials or resources.

Catalog/ Circulation Management

It digitally keeps track of assets and regularly follows up with asset movements

Report Generator & Analytics

It helps generate reports like the status of issued books, total members, books returned, etc.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our platform with your existing systems, streamlining workflows and enhancing the overall user experience.
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To register on the Life Certificate Portal, visit the official website and follow the instructions. To complete the registration process, you must provide your details, pension account information, and valid ID proof.

The National Digital Library is an online repository of educational resources, including books, journals, articles, and multimedia content, to provide free and easy access to knowledge and learning materials for students.

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