DevOps Services and Solutions
Case Study 3

Company Background

Sasaran Technology helps a pioneering FinTech company that specializes in leveraging blockchain technology to transform illiquid assets into liquid assets. Recently, they have been tapped to provide DevOps services and solutions to several top-tier financial institutions. Through their expertise in DevOps, they have been able to help these companies create a secure, reliable, and efficient environment for trading digital assets.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

Before partnering with Sasaran Technologies, they faced significant challenges in their deployment and provisioning processes. They were manually provisioning cloud environments and deploying cryptocurrency software on multiple servers. These processes were time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays and operational inefficiencies. Troubleshooting issues related to new releases added further complexity. Their deployment automation tool, Octopus Deploy, was underutilized at around 10-15%, hindering their DevOps capabilities.

Our Approach

Our approach was to create an automated solution to provision and deploy the software, allowing them to reduce their time-to-market and focus on more pressing tasks. We created an automated system using industry-leading tooling to provision environments, deploy software, and continuously monitor the system.


The company experienced remarkable improvements in its deployment and operational efficiency:
  1. Rapid Environment Provisioning: With the new automation in place, they achieved a significant reduction in environment provisioning time. They can now set up new environments in four hours or less, a vast improvement from their previous multi-day provisioning process.
  2. On-Demand Feature Deployment: The enhanced DevOps practices enabled the deployment of new features on demand. This agility in feature deployment empowered them to respond swiftly to market demands and stay competitive.
  3. Increased Automation Utilization: By leveraging Octopus Deploy’s capabilities up to 80%, of their optimized DevOps processes and achieved greater consistency and reliability in their deployments.
  4. Operational Efficiency: The automation implementation led to a reduction in operational costs and the resolution of deployment-related issues, contributing to smoother operations.