DevOps Services and Solutions
Case Study 1

Company Background

Sasaran Technologies is a trusted provider of IT solutions and services to businesses around the world. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with a wide range of customers, from small businesses to large enterprises, to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that address their unique needs. Our portfolio of offerings includes IT-managed services, server and network support, database setup and setup, software development, and more.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

The customer needed a partner who could manage their server network and ensure its efficient functioning. This network was responsible for running the help desk ticketing system and its databases, but the customer had limited in-house resources and expertise to do this efficiently. So, they turned to Sasaran Technologies for help.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced professionals took a comprehensive approach to the customer’s problem. We understood their needs, assessed their existing system, and created an automated system for managing the server network efficiently and cost-effectively. We also provided the customer with the necessary training and support to ensure that the system ran smoothly.


Thanks to our innovative approach, the customer now enjoys the following benefits:
  1. Reduced operational costs – The automated system helps the customer save on manual labor costs.
  2. Improved customer service – The automated system helps the customer respond to requests quickly and efficiently.
  3. Increased efficiency – The automated system helps the customer manage their server network more effectively.
  4. Enhanced security – The automated system helps the customer protect their server network from potential threats.