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Sasaran prevents downtime with MINTAB integration

Sasaran prevents downtime with MINTAB integration Company Background Jay Precision Products India Pvt Ltd has been a leader in innovation and technology since its establishment in 1988. Over the years, they have diversified their core competencies by providing turnkey solutions for complex, high-volume products from concept design and development to tooling and special-purpose machinery. Today, […]

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Sasaran: The Banking App that Improves CX

Sasaran: The Banking App that Improves CX Company Background G Wealth Investments, also known as GWI Affrica – is an innovative platform designed to foster inclusive growth and economic development. Driven by cutting-edge technology, FinTech solutions, and strategic financial inclusion initiatives, GWI Affrica is dedicated to battling poverty, inequality, and unemployment. With an all-encompassing approach, […]

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Operations at Jindal Steel become by 10 times faster with the new ERP system

Operations at Jindal Steel become by 10 times faster with the new ERP system Company Background Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. is well-known brand in India’s steel manufacturing industry.  Iron and Steel and Power are the two main divisions the corporation operates under. Coal is used to create sponge iron, an Iron and Steel division […]

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Application Security Landscape Due To Covid Pandemic

APPLICATION SECURITY LANDSCAPE DUE TO COVID PANDEMIC With the recent global events, it is no secret that the surge of attacks on PII based applications has been on the rise. Hackers and cybersecurity professionals have never been more engaged. This beckons a revamping or finetuning of the security systems and landscapes. A traditional and ordinary […]

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Industrial Security Solutions

INDUSTRIAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS Devices and software used in industrial processes and systems have been evolving over the years. As a result, there has been a need to transform the way businesses are run, hence digital transformation. In as much as it is absolute beneficial and even now in this global pandemic context, imperative companies to […]


Cloud Security Controls And Audit Methodology

CLOUD SECURITY CONTROLS AND AUDIT METHODOLOGY For any control and audit, there is a need of a reference point or compliance. This is not different in cloud computing. Cloud compliance requires meeting specific requirements or criteria needed to obtain a certification or framework. In cloud computing, the types of compliance differ according to industries, request […]


The Opportunity of Africa – Growing Economic Powerhouse of the World

The Opportunity of Africa – Growing Economic Powerhouse of the World By 2050 Africa will play a vital role in contributing to the growth of the global economy. The continent’s population is expected to rise to over 1.7 billion in the next decade. Making it one of the youngest economies in terms of available manpower, […]


Impact On Organization Security Due To Work From Home

The World Health Organization (WHO) has categorized the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic. This infectious disease has literally paralyzed the world economy and interrupted free circulation and goods and individuals all over the world. Lockdowns are currently the new norms. While the world is trying to re-awaken to this extreme surge of cases without […]


How Data Wrangling Helps Enterprises To Extract More Value From Big Data

How Data Wrangling Helps Enterprises to Extract More Value from Big Data? According to AnalyticsWeek.com, “Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.” But no enterprise can remain competitive and profitable in the […]