Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Case Study 3

Company Background

Sasaran Technologies collaborated with a specialty healthcare management firm aiming to enhance patient experience by optimizing back-office operations. The company faced challenges with disjointed patient data systems, unstructured documents received via fax or scan, and labor-intensive data extraction and review processes, impacting claims processing and payments.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

The healthcare firm grappled with inefficient patient data management due to disconnected systems and unstructured documents. Manual extraction and review processes, involving over 10 employees, led to errors and delayed claims processing. The lack of automation hampered the patient experience and hindered operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Sasaran Technologies swiftly addressed the healthcare firm’s operational hurdles through RPA Bots with cognitive capabilities. These bots automated data extraction, data review, and claim submission tasks. Within two weeks, we seamlessly integrated the solution, streamlining the entire process, and empowering the healthcare company to manage patient data more efficiently.


  1. Enhanced Accuracy: Cognitive automation ensured precise data extraction and review, reducing errors and improving claims accuracy.
  2. Swift Processing: RPA drastically reduced handling time for claim submissions by 70%, accelerating claims processing and enabling prompt payments.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Automation eliminated the need for over 10 manual employees, redirecting resources toward higher-value tasks and reducing operational costs.
  4. Improved Patient Experience: Faster claims processing led to enhanced patient satisfaction, as well as optimized back-office operations supporting better patient care.
The collaboration between Sasaran Technologies and the healthcare management firm exemplifies the transformative impact of RPA and cognitive automation in healthcare operations. By automating patient data extraction, review, and claim submission, the company achieved heightened accuracy, streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and elevated patient experiences. This case underscores RPA’s potential in optimizing complex processes within the healthcare industry.