Managed IT Services
Case Study 3

Company Background

Sasaran Technologies collaborated with a pioneering specialty wire manufacturer known for innovation. With 40 PCs and 9 virtual servers, the company’s operations demanded continuous remote access for key executives. The supply chain manager also faced challenges managing part of the IT system.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

The wire manufacturer grappled with the need for 24/7 remote access support, ensuring seamless connectivity for critical executives. Additionally, the supply chain manager was burdened with IT system management, impacting operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Sasaran Technologies implemented a comprehensive approach to address these challenges:
  1. 24/7 Support: We provided round-the-clock IT support, ensuring uninterrupted remote access for key executives and mitigating potential disruptions.
  2. Supply Chain Integration: Our team integrated the supply chain manager’s responsibilities into our managed IT services, relieving them of IT management duties.
  3. Proactive Monitoring: We implemented robust monitoring systems to identify and address potential issues before they impact operations, ensuring a seamless IT environment.
  4. Strategic Advisory: Our experts provided strategic advice, enabling the manufacturer to leverage IT for innovation and business growth.


  1. Continuous Connectivity: 24/7 support ensured uninterrupted remote access for key executives, enabling seamless decision-making and business operations.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Offloading IT management from the supply chain manager freed them to focus on core responsibilities, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  3. Proactive Issue Resolution: Robust monitoring preemptively identified and resolved potential IT issues, minimizing disruptions and enhancing system stability.
  4. Strategic Innovation: Expert advisory empowered the manufacturer to leverage IT for innovation, fueling product development and business growth.
This collaboration between Sasaran Technologies and the specialty wire manufacturer exemplifies the transformative potential of managed IT services. By ensuring continuous connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency, proactive issue resolution, and driving strategic innovation, the manufacturer achieved streamlined operations and empowered its journey of innovation and growth.