Managed IT Services
Case Study 2

Company Background

Sasaran Technologies collaborated with a small plastics manufacturing company facing critical IT challenges. The manufacturer, equipped with 12 PCs and 2 servers, recently lost their in-house systems administrator due to retirement. The company’s operations relied heavily on IT, with the potential to lose substantial revenue if the network faced downtime. Their objectives included achieving 10-15% revenue growth, maintaining 99% quality standards, 98% uptime, and attaining predictable IT outcomes.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

The plastics manufacturer encountered challenges including the loss of their systems administrator, the risk of significant revenue loss due to network downtime, and the need to achieve revenue growth, quality standards, and uptime targets while ensuring predictable IT management.

Our Approach

Sasaran Technologies devised a comprehensive strategy to tackle the manufacturer’s challenges:
  1. Seamless Transition: We seamlessly assumed the role of the retired systems administrator, ensuring continuous network operations and mitigating downtime risks.
  2. Strategic Growth Planning: Our team facilitated IT infrastructure to support the company’s growth objectives, aligning technology with revenue goals.
  3. Quality and Uptime Assurance: By implementing robust monitoring and management practices, we ensured consistent quality and uptime, meeting the company’s targets.
  4. Predictable Cost Model: Through our managed IT services, we offered predictable, budget-friendly solutions while delivering consistent and reliable outcomes.


  1. Continuity and Stability: Managed IT services provided seamless network management post-retirement, preventing revenue loss due to downtime.
  2. Facilitated Growth: Strategically aligned IT resources supported the company’s revenue growth goals, ensuring scalability and operational efficiency.
  3. Quality and Uptime Excellence: Robust monitoring ensured consistent quality and 98% uptime, contributing to sustained customer satisfaction.
  4. Predictable Cost Structure: Our managed IT services offered budget predictability, enabling the company to achieve its IT objectives with transparency and reliability.
The partnership between Sasaran Technologies and the plastics manufacturing company illustrates the transformational impact of managed IT services. By ensuring continuity, enabling growth, maintaining quality and uptime standards, and providing predictable cost solutions, the manufacturer achieved operational excellence and stability, underscoring the value of strategic IT management for business success.