Data Warehouse Solutions
Case Study 1

Company Background

Sasaran Technology is a technology-driven IT company that helps organizations modernize their data warehouses for finance. They provide tailored solutions that enable clients to take advantage of the latest technologies and create an agile, secure, and high-performance data warehouse. Their team of experts focuses on leveraging the latest technologies to help their customers modernize and optimize their data warehousing solutions.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Challenges Faced

One of the challenges faced by renowned finance IT companies is the lack of technological resources, which prevents them from taking full advantage of the latest technologies. Additionally, many organizations need more expertise and experience to successfully manage and maintain a data warehouse. They were facing several challenges when it came to modernizing data warehouses. These include the need to reduce complexity, improve scalability, increase data security, and reduce costs. Additionally, businesses must also be able to quickly access and analyze large amounts of data to make informed decisions.

Our Approach

Sasaran Technologies takes a holistic approach to modernizing data warehouses. This includes leveraging the latest technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide a comprehensive solution. Additionally, the team also works closely with customers to ensure the solution fits their unique needs. At Sasaran Technology, we take a collaborative approach to modernizing data warehouses. We work closely with organizations to understand their needs and build solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our team of experienced professionals will provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure that the data warehouse is optimized for maximum performance.

The Results

  1. The results of the conception and testing phases of the project conducted by Ironsides have been extremely encouraging.
  2. The team is confident that the final solution will provide the client with the modern data handling capabilities they need to stay competitive.
  3. The improved ease of use and performance of Cognos reporting, the enablement of time comparison reporting, and the performance increase of 60 times faster than the previous environment all indicate the solution’s success. Testing demonstrated that reports that used to take around two minutes to run now take only two seconds.
Based on these compelling results, Ironside and the client are now ready to move forward and create a final solution. The team is confident that the solution will provide the client with the modern data handling capabilities they need to stay competitive.