UX/UI Design

Our team of graphic designers and web developers are both flexible and creative and help us in assisting clients in a diverse range of sectors. Thus, it doesn’t matter to which sector your business belongs, we assure the deliverance of the most productive and efficient solutions to you. Being the top UI UX Design Company, we deliver hassle-free and cost-effective development of your product to bring a high rate of user conversion to your online business. Our expertise in User Experience Design (UX) has enabled us to simplify and enhance the interaction between our clients’ target customers and their digital presence. Whether it is on a website, mobile application, email campaign, social media campaign, or even an Ad banner, our designs offer a unique digital experience. Our UX has enabled our clients to create compelling digital media presences, spurring customer loyalty and improving brand value.



An innovative, well-designed interface is ideal for a successful business. It is very important to offer your End Users a pleasant experience with an attractive user interface for the success of the web/application. The primary reason for the services is the achievement of business objectives for a better reputation of the business, the generation of more traffic and brand naming.


We’ll take your customers on an amazing journey from the very first second of using your product. Our custom designs offer an alluring and straightforward path to learning more about your company and opting for your services. An efficient user interface covers the gap between the human brain and the digital product you offer. Based on the behavioural patterns and in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines we create delightful user experience – simple, intuitive and efficient.

Aesthetically Pleasing Website

An impressive UI/UX design provides an aesthetically pleasing website that makes your visitors to have a good first impression of your products/services.

Building Brand Trust

Having an impressive UI/UX Design goes beyond the usability and functionality of your application and builds brand trust.

Increased Conversion Rate

A website with an engaging user experience will have improved conversion rate since it is built based on real-time user research and data.

Drive High Quality Traffic

Drive high-quality traffic to your website with an incredible user experience that goes beyond a pretty web design.

Focus On Functionality

Since customers expect your site to be usable, a good user experience provides a functional aspect of the website which is a necessity these days.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

User experience is crucial to Search Engine Optimization as it improves results in terms of both organic and paid search ranking.

UI & UX Design Services

DataArt Design Studio professionals offer user experience (UX) design services, user interface (UI) design services, and graphic design for products built from scratch as well as improvements to UI/UX and design of existing digital products. Trust us to deliver intuitive, engaging, and aesthetic experience to the end-users of your application.

UI/UX Design for Web

Design Studio experts specialize in designing complex interfaces for disruptive web applications as well as user experience (UX) services. We will help you crystalize a myriad of user flows in a product that has a convenient, user-friendly and intuitive UX and UI, following proven best practices in usability, compatibility, and accessibility.

UI/UX Design for Mobile

The main challenge in creating favorable user experience in a mobile app is to balance between following the standard guidelines and tweaking them to make the application authentic and unique. Design Studio experts apply many-years’ experience to create spot-on design for iOS and Android applications that make smartphones smarter.

Data Visualization

Data visualization, or Dataviz, is a process of transforming measurable information from text/figures to graphical formats, like charts, dashboards, infographics. Dataviz usually includes comparing several datasets, so that the end-users can run analytics against them and make decisions based on this data.

Our UX and graphic designers will help you turn complex segmented information into laconic intuitive dashboards. The data will be visualized in elegant looking and sophisticated dashboards designed for different user groups, with their unique needs in mind. We will help your end-users absorb complicated, or even overwhelmingly miscellaneous, collection of data in an intuitive, visually engaging way.

User Research

Defining the goals and intentions of your users is an important part of the UX development process. Contrary to a common myth, user research is not necessarily an expensive and lengthy exercise. After a thorough user research is conducted, no time will be wasted on features users do not actually need. Instead, the focus will be on raising user satisfaction rate.


As a UI/UX design company, we use a combination of the following techniques for most effective user research:

Wireframing and Prototyping

Prototypes serve multiple goals. They allow to:
Mockups, prototypes (done in HTML or using InVision), animations, wireframes, and videos — all help to quickly visualize complicated ideas and put them into practice. At DataArt’s UX & UI design studio, we usually start prototyping and wireframing after conducting the initial research and formulating the requirements.

Data Driven Design

Collecting data from real users is at the core of user-centered, data-driven design. If you are already collecting analytical data about your application, or only plan to, Design Studio experts, who have solid experience at user experience and user interface design company, will help you define application performance metrics, set up suitable analytics tools, collect data and adjust user flows according to the KPIs.


Let your digital product evolve and improve based on real data, not just guesses. Or, pivot fast — based on qualitative or quantitative research, combined with the insights from user interviews.

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