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Sasaran: The Banking App that Improves CX

Company Background

G Wealth Investments, also known as GWI Affrica – is an innovative platform designed to foster inclusive growth and economic development. Driven by cutting-edge technology, FinTech solutions, and strategic financial inclusion initiatives, GWI Affrica is dedicated to battling poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

With an all-encompassing approach, we focus on empowering previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs and small enterprises, connecting them to lucrative global and local business opportunities for wealth creation. Embrace the future of economic participation with GWI Affrica!


Investment Banker

Technology Adopted

SJava, React Js & Oracle

Operational Challenges

Sasaran Technologies was challenged to develop an innovative mobile banking solution for G-Wealth Investments Pty Ltd. We created a user-friendly, secure application with advanced features allowing customers to manage their finances easily.

We equipped the platform with great automation capabilities that enabled customers to respond promptly, track, and process financial activities quickly and effectively. Furthermore, it also possessed essential security protocols that ensured customer data was securely stored in compliance with all necessary regulations.

As a result of this initiative, G-Wealth Investments provided its customers with a comprehensive solution that improved customer communication while optimizing cost efficiency.

Our Approach

We have revolutionized the banking technology landscape in the past few years by upgrading and replacing its legacy vendor banking platform. Recognized as a mobile banking leader, We developed iOS and Android applications that seamlessly integrate a user-friendly mobile experience with analytics, reporting, and business process management.

Empowering customers to manage financials securely and conveniently on their mobile devices has been paramount as we strive to provide our clients with the best service possible. This transition from predominantly web-based operations to next-generation mobile capabilities demonstrates our commitment to constantly innovate and stay ahead of changing customer needs.

The universal application development project was an important initiative that created a new mobile app environment for customers. This personalized digital banking experience changes how customers organize, engage, and manage their financial lives.

With the mobile app now available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, customers have the resources at their fingertips to be able to pay bills, send or receive money with Zelle, make transfers directly from one account to another, get credit scores, and even locate a branch near them. This powerful innovation allows people to take full control of their funds electronically conveniently.

Engaging, award-winning banking application

  • Improved customer communications and doubled its mobile traffic with Sasaran.
  • Banking Privileges are secured with personalized dashboards, secure card control, customization, push notifications, and augmented reality functions.
  • Intelligent selling opportunities tailored to customers’ needs are provided through a cross-selling approach.
  • This approach ensures customers receive the best services from G-Wealth Investments and opens more doors in the digital finance industry.