Sasaran prevents downtime with MINTAB integration

Company Background

Jay Precision Products India Pvt Ltd has been a leader in innovation and technology since its establishment in 1988. Over the years, they have diversified their core competencies by providing turnkey solutions for complex, high-volume products from concept design and development to tooling and special-purpose machinery.

Today, the company provides sophisticated solutions for everything from pharmaceuticals to toys and LED luminaries. With more than three decades of experience in precision engineering components, Jay Precision is well-positioned for future success. As technology evolves, their commitment to innovation will ensure that their customers get the best products on the market – no matter their sector or industry.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices

Technology Adopted


Operational Challenges

The company generates immense amounts of data daily, and as the industry advances with smart technology and sensors, this data is only expected to increase. Nevertheless, managing such a vast amount of data presents a tedious task for these companies without an apt architecture for data analytics and visualization.

Our client was no exception- they desired to leverage their sensor-generated data to maximum effect, spot equipment issues before they cause monetary loss, and minimize downtime while optimizing recurrent revenue flows. It meant devising an ideal system to swiftly analyze the staggering influx of data to generate prompt reports meeting stringent requirements.

Our Approach

Sasaran’s team of data experts and visualization specialists worked together to help the client identify key areas of improvement in their business. Leveraging MINITAB, a powerful way, enabled our data scientists to pull data from multiple sources such as statistical, data analytics, databases, and cloud networks. Visual representations of these insights on a user-friendly platform significantly improved the efficiency and speed of decisions.

Both our data experts and the client benefited considerably from MINITAB ‘s ability to transform large volumes of raw data into an informative and interactive format, allowing for clarity in understanding their business’s concerns.

Our MINITAB data visualization solution served our client extremely well. We provided fast and reliable analytics that aided in rapid decision-making, helping them stay ahead in the ever-changing market. As a result, this data processing and analysis tool gave them greater insights into their shortcomings, allowing them to address issues more quickly.

This enabled them to spot trends and connections that helped validate their statistical interpretations more conclusively. Ultimately these tools provided key value for the client, such as improved outputs, minimized downtime, and enhanced customer service – all of which can translate into a competitive advantage.

The solution helps them with the following:

  • Provides live visual analytics to explore large data sets
  • Interactive dashboards enable instant discovery of hidden insights
  • Connects to data in the cloud or on-premises
  • Combines and accesses different data sets with no coding required
  • Includes built-in features for monitoring, compliance, security, and management
  • Offers secure, compliant, scalable, and reliable data analytics