SAP Development Services

We are Developers, Technical Architects, User Interface Designers and Testers. We work on s ite, off site, or a mixture of both depending on our Client’s needs. We work with all SAP Releases, and can assist you with the newest SAP tools and processes. Our broad experience means that we can keep your options open, deferring the technology decisions to the last possible moment, ensuring our clients make the right technology choices for any situation.

Helping our customers build great solutions is what we do best. Sasaran can assist you with any SAP Development Task, whether it is Enhancing or Modifying existing solutions, Legacy System replacement or implementing New Functionality. Sasaran firmly believes that QA must start at the beginning of the development effort, not once the code is written. Having good unit tests lays the foundation for a successful project. Methodologies such as Test Driven Development, combined with Automated Tests, ensure that testing is central to the development effort rather than being just an afterthought. Sasaran can assist your team rethink testing and help integrate it into your development process.

Sasaran can assist during the Solution Design phase. Using Agile techniques, we can quickly move from concept to working software in a matter of weeks. We understand that the one constant in Software Development is that requirements change. By developing in small iterations, which allow working software to be demonstrated to the project stakeholders at frequent intervals, the impact of changing requirements is mitigated. At the same time, progress can be seen in working software, rather than in documentation.

Benefits of SAP Development Services

  • Benefits of SAP Development Services
  • Release Strategies and Development Methodologies
  • Review of the available technologies in your SAP System that you may not be using
  • SAO Strategy and Implementation (Review of Options/Approaches)