Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. We are living in the era of internet and technology. Without the internet, the world as we know would come to a stand-still. It is, therefore, no surprise that now we have devices which can ‘talk’. Such devices that can talk are known as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Internet of Things is transforming our physical world into a complex and dynamic system of connected devices on an unprecedented scale. Today, businesses are motivated by IoT and the prospects of increasing revenue, reducing operating costs, and improving efficiencies. Businesses also are driven by a need for regulatory compliance. Regardless of the reasons, IoT device deployments provide the data and insights necessary to streamline workflows, visualize usage patterns, automate processes, meet compliance requirements, and compete more effectively in a changing business environment.  From homes and industries to enterprises, Internet of Things have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before. However, this is just the beginning. Unlocking the full potential of Internet of Things requires that businesses understand the opportunities for value creation and systematically address the underlying challenges.

Our IoT Development Services

IoT Hardware Design

We prototype smart IoT devices to assist customers in testing concepts before proceeding to full-scale development. We use IoT sensors and boards to create a gadget prototype.

IoT Firmware Integration

We develop and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors) into a host of IoT and M2M devices.

Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

We design cross-platform and native mobile apps that facilitate on-the-go-access to data captured by smart devices and behave as a remote control for IoT solutions.

IoT Dashboards

We help clients configure IoT devices, analyze sensor data via BI tools, manage IoT systems remotely and onsite and display it via responsive dashboards.

Edge Computing

We execute edge computing on IoT devices instead of the traditional cloud computing to ensure lower latency rates and quicker data offloading time.

Custom IoT Product Development

We develop custom IoT software that interacts with smart IoT devices and ensure that software supports the hardware functionality seamlessly.

IoT Platforms & Technologies

Our Industry Specific IoT Use-cases

We provide industry-specific IoT software development services to meet client expectations.


We develop IoT-enabled apps that enables real-time fleet management and greater transportation efficiency for the Logistics industry.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

We develop IoT-enabled apps for healthcare that allow remote monitoring, deliver better patient care and capture patients’ vitals via IoT devices.

Smart Home & Workplace

We provide development services for smart homes & workplaces, which are changing the way we live our lives.


We develop Iot applications for retail companies that help them analyze customer behavior, provide a better in-store shopping experience and boost revenue.


We develop IoT-enabled applications for the manufacturing industry that can facilitate the production flow in a manufacturing plant and IoT automatically monitor development cycles, and manage warehouses and inventories.


Leverage IoT systems for monitoring the crop, field conditions in real-time.

IoT Ecosystem Components We Cover

Key Features

IoT device development

We work with embedded software on multiple hardware to build feature-rich, wireless devices that are not only optimised for power and performance, but can be operated on small batteries and upgraded over the air.

Connectivity and gateways

We specialise in edge computing and wireless connectivity both for devices and gateways. Our experts help you address the technology, while also leveraging our expertise to provide close-loop DevOps automation.

IoT platforms and cloud

Whether public, private or hybrid, integrating into or developing from scratch, our experts can support you in building or extending IoT platforms.

Continued improvement

We have large teams of developers improving features, fixing bugs and making sure that your products and platforms are rock solid.