Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure management service (IMS) is about administering and managing technology, information and data in a proactive way. Its scope ranges from the desktop to networking, storage, data, security and cloud-based services – not forgetting the people employed to keep everything working. IT infrastructure is similar to building infrastructure in that it consists of physical components that support the activities and services that are required by users to support business functions. There are applications that support key functions, servers that host the applications and data centres that house the servers. There is also networking infrastructure that facilitates access to applications and servers for the business. The term IT infrastructure refers to all of the components and elements that support management and access functions for data and information, along with other services. Some of the greatest benefits of IMS are increased flow of information, and a facilitated change in technology when necessary.  There is less chance that actions will be duplicated as communication increases.  It allows for a comprehensive, sectioned path that is clear and simple for everyone to understand.  Precise categories of IMS allow for a type of technological management not seen ever before.  As the times change, so should the emphasis on technology and infrastructure. Whether you are looking to perform a technological audit for your company or seeking a new security camera system for your commercial space, Sasaran has the expertise and equipment to keep you talking around the clock. Sasaran is a full-service IT consulting company that provides IT services and solutions for businesses throughout the globe.  

Optimize, Manage and Support Mission-Critical Infrastructure Performance

Datacenter Operations & Management

In today’s dynamic business environment, efficient Datacenter management is the key to drive business agility and response. We work as an extended arm for our customer’s Technology Infrastructure Services team by providing datacenter management services, along with optimizing database Operations, infrastructure maintenance and performance monitoring to maintain the uptime of critical systems. Our range of unrivalled datacenter operations and management services enable our customers to focus more on their core business functions, while we streamline IT operations, IT resource optimization and reduce costs. Our IT infrastructure management services include

Workplace Infrastructure Technology Services

With well-structured and flexible engagement models, we offer innovative Technology Infrastructure Services to manage all the aspects of workplace ecosystem. We enable businesses to remain connected, make decisions in real time and keep track of critical work on the go. We have developed strategic relationships with recognized partners in the IT industry, enabling us to successfully deliver leading cutting-edge technology to customers’ workplaces. We specialize in

Technical Assistance Center

At vServe24/7, we go to great lengths to understand our customers’ needs and facilitate timely and effective resolution of IT problems and queries. Through our integrated approach towards IT infrastructure management services, we offer customized services to provide round-the-clock uninterrupted support, along with process efficiency and fast resolution of customers’ queries. Our Technical Assistance Center services include

Information Security Services

Internal and external information security threats are of major concern for any business. Our IT security experts offer protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data and remote users. We manage and monitor your IT infrastructure with round-the-clock Infrastructure Technology Services throughout the year, along with event management and correlation capabilities. Our IT Information Security Services include

Business Advisory & Consulting

We offer strategic business advisory and consulting services on IT infrastructure optimization that increases the return on your IT investment. Using the latest technological breakthroughs in IT transformation, we focus on your technical and business objectives and bring in our expertise in IT infrastructure management services to help you manage your IT assets. Our consultants come with extensive industry experience in the Infrastructure Management space and possess specialized skillsets to streamline your IT operations and enhance its efficiency. We consult on the below technologies

Advantages of Our Solution for IT Infrastructure Management

Transparency and optimized management

All IT components are documented in a central data model for better management and easier planning of the IT infrastructure.


An extensive component library and broad planning functionalities for cables, network, storage and servers enables increased efficiency of IT processes and IT infrastructure planning.

Cost and time savings

All management tools are mapped in one system, eliminating the need for – and expense of – individual applications. Automation and integrated licence and server management optimizes IT processes, reduces IT OPEX and accelerates provisioning processes.


The unique data structure of our solution creates a comprehensive overview of all areas of the IT infrastructure. All information is centralized, which allows for real-time reporting and better planning.

Better service

Our solution integrates the information from the data overview into IT processes. This improves the quality of IT service delivery overall and enables fast resolution when errors occur. The benefit is better performance and less downtime. Yes, I want to manage my IT Infrastructure more efficiently.