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Devices and software used in industrial processes and systems have been evolving over the years. As a result, there has been a need to transform the way businesses are run, hence digital transformation. In as much as it is absolute beneficial and even now in this global pandemic context, imperative companies to go digital, a major issue to tackle within this process is the regulation and protection of of organizations throughout this process. Cyberattacks have been rampant then, and now even more with over 2 billion people on the internet and companies going totally digital. Cybersecurity has to cope with the ever-increasing sophistication of attacks in the industrial environment in particular.
Industrial security should include more IIoT technologies that are essential for predictive and optimized maintenance, supply chain management enhancement, and Building Management Systems and Building Automation Processes. From smart buildings to smart machinery and optimized production process, countless machines are built without always taking into consideration their security once connected to a network through IoT technologies. Smart enterprises remain vulnerable as long as networks are exposed and remain unshielded from cyberattacks.
Smart buildings and factories are constructed with production optimization and space and energy efficiency. Machineries are programmed to communicate and streamline production. However, it is not unusual to find systems in place that may not be considered by some as industrial but are quite indispensable for achieving industrial goals. This is known as Building Automation Systems.
A very important and rising aspect of industrial security is Building Automation Systems and processes that requires more devices and elements to be interconnected. As a computer-based control system that monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems, it is required to be connected to the corporate network. This system includes HVAC systems, lighting control systems, fire extinguishing systems, water management, CCTVs and control access. Although they are mostly related to the industrial physical security, cybersecurity solutions remain a necessity to avoid abuses and enforce control and accountability within the premises.
IoT technologies has certainly facilitated interconnectivity. However, the interconnected devices do not necessarily have up to date security measures and are using protocols that are far from shielded from hacking and cyberattacks. In the present COVID-19 economic context, the importance of tracking supplies in demand, monitoring and optimizing their accurate production is imperative and must be securely carried out, hence the significance for organizations to invest in securing and enhancing their environment.
Cyberattacks against industrial environments have been predicted to rise in the coming years. The passive shielding of production processes especially in the pharmaceutical sector will no longer be sufficient. The fear of pandemics and epidemics in the world has zeroed in the cyberattacks on laboratories. Bioterrorism might no longer be far from cyberterrorism. The magnitude of these threats compels us to rise to the challenge to prevent and establishing protection mechanisms.
Cybersecurity requires more than ever an enhancement in the quality, features and functions of firewalls. New Generation firewalls will stand as the front line of defence against malicious attacks. It is not a matter of “if but rather “when” they happen. Moreover, the encryption protocols must be better to monitor encrypted traffics. Last and not the least, the cybersecurity team exercises in the industrial security sector need to be upskilled and better guidelines provided for incident management.
Technological innovation should be backed by cybersecurity upgrades and measures. A triggering factor to both is setting up industrial compliance frameworks with regulations at the local and regional and global level.

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