Data Science & Analytics

Data Science is the need of the hour to accelerate business, infusing AI into your business and make more sense to the data than there ever was .Data is the lifeblood of your business. It helps you track how well things are going, predict what’s coming around the corner, improve your products, and automate your processes. Today’s leading companies are successful because they use their data to operate more efficiently and deliver superior products to their customers. Unfortunately, most companies aren’t living up to their analytic potential. Their data is disorganized and difficult to access, their internal processes are inefficient and time-consuming, and they lack the insights necessary to make important decisions

This is a customer-driven enterprise world where real-time information about your customer is the essential requirement to keep a competitive edge for your business. Data science and analytics have made converting your data into a business opportunity a seamless experience. Our advanced and unique data-mining approaches and practices support seamless data pattern reading. Crucially, this enables you to obtain valuable business insights and make effective business decisions. Our highly-experienced data engineers and scientists create collaborative environments that allows you to leverage data science and analytics tools, technologies, libraries and more

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As customers’ digital footprints grow rapidly, analyzing this wealth of information is imperative to driving an exceptional customer experience. Gather insights around customer needs and desires to improve their digital experience and satisfaction.

Identifying bottlenecks and growth opportunities is an essential first step to staying ahead of the curve. Take the guess work out of business decisions. Stay on top of your operations with a holistic view of all aspects of your business.

Engaging with target audiences is becoming increasingly tough given the explosion in content and communication channels. Rely on marketing analytics to understand your customers better and leverage insights for effective brand building.

Today, change is the only constant and volatility is the new normal. Rely on risk analytics to minimize risks and power your organization forward while you focus on core functions.

Empower Your Teams with Data

Sasaran and Analytics layer turns data into live visualizations and real-time metrics, instantly available on
any device to power decision-making at every level across the organization.

Get data powering your business.

Bring all your data across sources together into one, unified view so everyone can see the full picture with one source of data truth.

Unleash self-service data analytics.

Empower business users to visualize and analyze data through Sasaran intuitive interface, while maintaining data governance and minimizing labor-intensive BI tasks.

Collaborate and take action.

Break down data silos and share insights inside and outside your organization to make impactful decisions and drive competitive advantage.

Inspire data storytelling

Transform raw data into easy-to-understand visualizations to make data-driven decisions.

Create curated data stories to share data, content, and insights through a connected narrative.

Explore your data with interactive filtering to quickly find answers to business questions.

Build live visualizations in minutes with over 150 chart types and over 7,000 custom maps.

Move from reactive reporting to proactive insights.

Manage by exception with automated alerts that signal need for action.

Keep up with trends with live analysis of trending topics throughout your organization.

Leverage predictive insights in decision making through machine learning and data science tools, including automated data discovery and natural language queries.

Empower closer collaboration for greater action.

Provide on-the fly analytics and alerts on mobile devices, with no need to build separate mobile versions of visualizations.

Collaborate instantaneously with shared dashboards and metrics to take action faster than ever.

Strengthen partnerships by seamlessly sharing analytics outside your organization with embedded and extended analytics solutions.

Data-Powered Applications

Big Data Integration Services

With Sasaran big data integration services, organizations have a real-time view and full access to their data center. Big data integration services help companies incorporate multiple data sources, like mailing lists, management data and metrics, social media information and so on. Such integration is possible on-premise or off-premise, that is irrespective of data source location or the platform used.

Data Management Services

Successful data management services boost businesses’ productivity, helping them make headway in effectively administering, operating and monitoring both structured and unstructured data and management platforms. At Sasaran, we prefer using popular and well-tried data management platforms like Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Hadoop®.

Big Data Infrastructure Services

As a big data services company, Sasaran offers well-architected, scalable and open big data infrastructure solutions. We make sure that the clients’ information is always stored in the right place and easily available within the right timing. Big data infrastructure services by Sasaran bring increased profitability, ensure rational utilization of corporate IT infrastructure along with a higher degree of employee collaboration, and an improved customer experience.

Data Platforms Optimization Services

While many organizations today rely on various data science platforms, they often lack the resources to optimize their spending. Sasaran big data solutions developers and consultants assist in optimizing our client’s workloads on Oracle, Hadoop and Microsoft SQL servers. With the help of our experts, Sasaran clients receive maximum performance and scalability based on their workload and other needs.