Data Management

Many organisations strive to be more data-driven, but poor data management and quality continue to prevent companies from making the most of their data assets. Acclimation can help you take control of your data to improve decision making through world class data validation, management and data enrichment.

  • Provides data solutions to manage and optimize your data throughout its life cycle
  • Provides single view of data across multiple databases and touchpoints supported by pre-populated analytics
  • Support & implementation by experienced consultants

What We Do

Discover And Assess

Enable the analysis of large volumes of data, structured and unstructured to provide insight and identify areas of improvement.

Data Profiling and Monitoring

Easily find patterns, outliers, errors and relationships in your configuration, master and transactional data to optimise your data footprint.

Data Cleansing

Improve the quality of your data to maximize investment and comply with data management regulations and quality indicators.

Data De-Duplication

Gain an accurate view of your data. Reduce your data footprint and data clutter by de-duplicating your key data objects.