Data Governance & Integration Services

  • Data Governance serves an important function within the enterprise, setting the parameters for data management and usage, creating processes for resolving data issues and enabling business users to make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets. Developing a successful data governance strategy requires careful planning, the right people and appropriate tools and technologies. Acclimation Data Governance services include;
  • Discover processes capture the current state of an organization’s data lifecycle, dependent business processes, supporting organizational and technical capabilities, as well as the state of the data itself. Leverage insights derived from these steps to define the data governance strategy, priorities, business case, policies, standards, architecture and the ultimate future state vision. This process runs parallel and is iterative to the Define process stage as Discovery drives Definition, and Definition drives more targeted focus for Discovery.
  • Define processes document data definitions and business context associated with business terminology, taxonomies, relationships, as well as the policies, rules, standards, processes, and measurement strategy that must be defined to operationalize data governance efforts. This process runs parallel and is iterative to the Discover process stage as mentioned above.
  • Apply processes to operationalize and ensure compliance with all the data governance policies, business rules, stewardship processes, workflows, and cross-functional roles and responsibilities captured through the Discover and Define process stages.
  • Measure and Monitor processes i) capture and measure the effectiveness and value generated from data governance and stewardship efforts, ii) monitors compliance and exceptions to defined policies and rules, and iii) enables transparency and auditability into data assets and their life cycle.