Cloud Transformation

Every organization is at a different stage on their Cloud transformation journey. Sasaran offers a consultation session to learn about your organization and assess your current IT infrastructure. Based on your business needs, we create a Cloud transformation roadmap to give you a clear idea in terms of where and how to start and which solutions to implement. We believe that an effective cloud strategy should deliver increased speed to market, unparalleled agility, 24/7 redundancy, and attainable cost efficiencies all while allowing you the ability to better focus on the things that matter like innovation and ideation. As most cloud initiatives are not without their challenges, Sasaran’s cloud experts, can support you through the entire cloud journey, from helping you develop your cloud migration strategy to assisting with your cloud migration to operations. Our sole drive? To help you truly maximize the value of your cloud computing investment all while optimizing your total cost of ownership at a pace that keeps you ahead of the pack.

We Partner with the Leading Cloud Platforms

Sasaran Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

We help create a holistic cloud strategy that connects your business goals to your IT architecture. We assess cloud maturity and craft a business-specific roadmap with the cloud approach (public-, private-, or hybrid cloud), type (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, security, and management that are right for you.

Cloud Migration

We shift your business to modern and sustainable cloud-native architecture. Proekspert helps identify the best cloud approach (public-, private-, or hybrid cloud) so the solutions we build meet vital business needs. The transition is fast, cost-effective, risk-free, and has minimal disruption of current business.

Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation

Our specialists ensure seamless cloud adoption with built-in security, resiliency, availability, and scalability. Our expertise spans Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, SAP and AWS implementation, among others.

Cloud Governance and Security

Our cloud team maintains and operates our clients’ IT-systems and platforms. We help apply DevOps principles, integrate new processes with existing policies, dashboards, and tools, ensuring the organization benefits securely and continuously from cloud computing.

Cloud-Native Development

Sasaran delivers custom solutions engineered to be deployed to a cloud environment. Solutions incorporate security, resiliency and availability inherent to third-party IaaS and PaaS providers.

Cloud Management

We enable high availability and continuous optimization of cloud ecosystems. We optimize cloud operations to facilitate security and access to systems and manage backup and disaster recovery processes.

Cloud Modernization Services

We help companies modernize their legacy applications portfolio to create new business value from existing, aging applications by modernizing features and capabilities using the cloud’s full benefits.

Sasaran Cloud Transformation Process

The entire cloud transformation process is accompanied by security

aspects. There might be questions concerning the security status

of the cloud and how security and data regulations are dealt with in

the cloud. With our holistic approach towards cloud security we will

support you in all steps of the cloud transformation process. For this,

we will analyze your specific security needs and provide you with risk

management solutions

Why Sasaran?

Experts in aligning cloud strategy to business strategy

Combination of high-end cloud consulting and operational management

Cloud practitioners and operators, not career consultants

Cost-effective delivery model offering a combination of India and Nearshore resources

Experts in aligning cloud strategy to business strategy

Deep technical expertise in cloud architecture, DevOps, IT processes and security